Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weird Post

I need to post these for a friend and you get to enjoy as well!

Lilly, Candle, Photo Box, crystals, pearls and organza ribbon
Tea cups, organza, crystals and pearls. Left cups level but used different sized cups to vary the heighth.

Another shot of the first set.

Candle, crstals, pearls, organza, mirror under table runner with candle. Very pretty.

Like this: Mirror, Lilly with organza bow, candle, crystals and pearls.
The double heart charm is tied to end of organza ribbon.
The Lilly is very elegant and simple to do. The ribbon was about $2.00 for each flower. A $6.00 box of crystals will do 3 tables. The photo boxes are $3.00 - a few that you give to Grandparents would be nice. Pearls would be $4. a table (we can probably find cheaper)

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