Monday, November 29, 2010

My Sis-In-Love

My Sister

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2010

With My Neice - Addyson

With our Kids after shopping 12 hours!

My Mom

My Mom

Loves Jesus
Loves Family

Loves Candles
Loves Decorating

Loves her Miss Periwinkle

Loves Her Christopher
Loves Mexican Food

Loves Christmas
Loves All Holidays

Loves Music
Loves that Chris loves the guitar!

Loves Fashion!
Loves Jewelry!
Loves Purses and Accessories!

Loves Gardening
Loves Outside
Loves Purple

Loves people
Loves God's Word
Loves Jesus

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Attention Beach Children

Attention All Beach Children!

When listening to instruction being given to your sibling, please take note of said lecture.  It will apply to you someday.

Help yourself by listening to the instruction given to your sibling and applying it to your own life.  Immediately!

Repetition of instruciton causes migrain headaches in  parents.  Multiple repetition of the same linstruction to the same child can cause aneuryisms of optic nerves in said parents.

When choosing to ignore instruction, please choose wisely.   Some instruction, is given too frequenly, may cause parents' heads to spin, projectile vomiting and disturbing voices to come from their throats.

Failure to head instruction in children may cause anger, resentment and tears.  It will lead to the correction of lessons and possibly further discipline.

Do not be alarmed if this happens.

Stay calm.  Flee to your room.  Open your Bible and consult the instruction manual:

Proverbs 8:33

Listen to instruction and be wise;
don't ignore it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Just saying. . .

Sometimes there's just too much to say!

I must tell myself ten times a day, "that would be a good blog!"  But by the time I can sit down to write, the wonderful, imaginative, clever topic has left my mind altogether.

Not that I"m always clever and witty - but I have my moments.

I can also embarrass my kids pretty good, too!

Take for instance last week in Wal-Mart, a major social hub of Durango, CO - right behind the theatre and the rec center.  My children and I had been out all day.  Granted they are teen and pre-teen, however long days make them goofy.  Beats when they cried for hours!

We had been shopping for our Christmas boxes for Samaritan's Purse plus picking up some odds and ends.  On the candy aisle, one was pulling my basket in one direction while the other child (I say that with much love) was pulling it in the opposite.  I finally said, "Noooo!!  Why me?  Whhhhhyyyyy?" as I melted to the floor.  Still hanging on to the basket handle I began to push it down the aisle while duck-walking behind it.  My giggeling children sprinted down the row away from me.

Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I see another basket.  I slow stand up straight and announce, "it's time to go."  Tears were flowing down my cheeks from laughter as I struggled to regain my composure.

I promise there was no one on that aisle when we started this tantrum.  But, hey, someone has a great story to tell at family dinner.

No real great lesson here.  OH, maybe one.

Go ahead and laugh!  Make a fool of yourself!  Enjoy each moment. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Notices and Updates

It is very poor writing to leave my readers with an extended cliff-hanger.  So here is the conclusion:

I am Okay!   I am better than okay - I am so blessed!

On Tuesday, the kids and I went to Manna Soup Kitchen to serve.  There I met BJ.  Neat older gentlemen.  In a wheelchair for 11 years.  Has survived 2 strokes and 3 heart attacks.  Helping take care of his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Sounds like he's got it tough, huh?

Know what he kept telling me?

"God is faithful.  Put your trust in Him."

God forgive me for putting my eyes so far inward that all I see is my own pain.  Forgive me when I look outward and all I see is suffering.  Lord, give me eyes to see your mercy and grace.  You are always Faithful."

Monday, November 8, 2010

Just Give Out

No, it's not a new movie title.

It's where I am.  It's where alot of my friends are.  It happens about this time every year.  School is in full swing, the Holiday's are around the corner and fall sports are winding down - we are just give out.

Time to rest.

Rest doesn't necessarily mean sleep - although I'd love to be able to lay my head down and sleep all night long!  I've spent years laying in bed at night listening and imagining, writing stories in my head, planning days' worth of activities.

Rest can mean rejuveninating - doing those things you love with the people you love.  Reading a great book.  Dinner with a friend.

I gain strength from shutting myself in sometimes.  Just being at home with the family.   Listening to their laughter, watching them play games, teaching them.

But I must be careful - I can become a recluse!  And that's just not healthy either.

Seems I must find a balance.

This icky Sjogren's sometimes forces me to be intentional in integrating rest into my lifestyle.  I hate it.  I just hate it.  My hands are swollen now.  I forced my wedding ring on this morning.   My jaw and ears hurt from my salivary glands swelling.  My head hurts.  And I can't sleep much at night.  Which makes it all worse.

Okay, I sound like a whiny baby.  I've really tried not to.  Yesterday, I gave into tears and asked David to come pray for me.  I felt better afterwards.  The power of prayer.  The power of the prayer of my God-given mate who carries my burdens and loves me with every ounce of his being.  He is my White Knight. 

He would come back for me.

(You have to know Kevin Costner's Robin Hood for that to make sense.)

Sometime in the wee hours, Luke 3:5 came to my mind -

Every valley shall be filled in, every mountain and hill made low. The crooked roads shall become straight, the rough ways smooth. (NIV)

and, My Favorite: 
Every gorge shall be filled up, and every mountain and hill shall be brought low, and the crooked places shall become a straight path, and the rough places smooth ways, (Darby Bible Translation).

God will make it all work out.  The valley's won't be so deep and the hills won't be so steep.  The winding road will be easier and the stones removed so I won't stumble.

All God's promises are Yes and Amen.

Definitely a Mudane Musing Monday

Friday, November 5, 2010

And now. . .

Meanwhile, back in Denver. . .

It was time for visits with Dr. Chang and Dr. Collins - two of our favorite medical professionals!

The Children's Hospital in Denver is a great facility.  Clean and bright - great place for kids to get well.

We started our day at the Aurora Campus (oddly, Denver's Children's Hospital is not in Denver!) with Dr. Collins then drove over to Littleton to see Dr. Chang.  In between we made a mandatory stop at Bass Pro - of course!

Dr. Collins said - surgery is a last resort and we are not there yet!  We have some new meds to try to control the dystonic movements.  We start them this weekend.

Dr. Chang said - time for another surgery.  We need to lengthen her calf muscle again and they will also do some work to keep her toes from curling.  No rush on this surgery because her growth plates are fairly fused - which leads to the bad news (from Sis's view) - she's not going to get much taller.  Her dad assured her that doctor's have been wrong before and she is sure to grow!

We were able to see our friends, the Randols, and visit with them. They welcomed us into their home and just loved on us.  We all need friends like that.

So we're back home.  Back to school.  Back to normal.  Normal?

Yup, that's just a setting on your dryer.