Friday, November 5, 2010

And now. . .

Meanwhile, back in Denver. . .

It was time for visits with Dr. Chang and Dr. Collins - two of our favorite medical professionals!

The Children's Hospital in Denver is a great facility.  Clean and bright - great place for kids to get well.

We started our day at the Aurora Campus (oddly, Denver's Children's Hospital is not in Denver!) with Dr. Collins then drove over to Littleton to see Dr. Chang.  In between we made a mandatory stop at Bass Pro - of course!

Dr. Collins said - surgery is a last resort and we are not there yet!  We have some new meds to try to control the dystonic movements.  We start them this weekend.

Dr. Chang said - time for another surgery.  We need to lengthen her calf muscle again and they will also do some work to keep her toes from curling.  No rush on this surgery because her growth plates are fairly fused - which leads to the bad news (from Sis's view) - she's not going to get much taller.  Her dad assured her that doctor's have been wrong before and she is sure to grow!

We were able to see our friends, the Randols, and visit with them. They welcomed us into their home and just loved on us.  We all need friends like that.

So we're back home.  Back to school.  Back to normal.  Normal?

Yup, that's just a setting on your dryer.

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