Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Birthday Party at the Bar D

For her Birthday dinner, Ashley chose the Bar-D Wranglers Chuckwagon Dinner and Show!  Sounds fancy?  It's alot of fun!  Our friends, the Blegers and the Palmers joined us as well as Chris and Kayle (who had just drove into town after returning from Cambodia).

The Chapel at the Bar-D

With her dad.  Same smile.  Same spirit.

My friend Jill and my little friend Kate, her daughter.

Jill and her son Kale.  Jill's birthday is the 30th of July!

The gang's all here!

Miss Maddie - her birthday is the 27th of July!

Friends - Kale and Katrina

My beautiful friend Tiffany and Miss Violet

 Mom and Son

Sweethearts!  So blessed with our friends and family and by a wonderful Heavenly Father who loves us so!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ashley Turns 13!

Our beautiful daughter turns 13!

Here's to you,
Miss Ashley Ruth Wilson Beach
July 24, 1998

Star of the theatre

A beauty at every holiday.

With magic in her hands.

Braver than any superhero!

With a song in her heart.

And a smile on her face.

Confident in who she is in Christ.

Miss Ashley Ruth
We love you!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Botox and Cast Removal

On July 9th, we loaded the family up and headed back to Denver.  We left early in the morning so we could stop in Colorado Springs, CO before heading on in to Denver to see a Rapids game that night (more pics of that later).   On Sunday we shopped, visited with friends and laughed alot!

Then, Monday morning, we headed to the Children's Hospital of Colorado.  Ashley saw Dr. Matthews for Botox injections in her calf to release the tendons in her toes.  Amazing how that all works!

These pictures are from her camera, and her point of view - unless she's in the picture!

Waiting for the doctor.

The Child Life Specialist brought her a TV to watch movies.

Almost ready.  The versed has kicked in.  The numbing medicine has worked.
She wanted her brother by her.

Ah the sweet sleep of drugs.

All Done!  It went so well!

After the botox, we ate lunch and then saw Dr. Scott where she had her cast removed.
She was so glad to have that  thing off her arm!
Her skin had a reaction to the tape and was looking
kinda icky.  But much better now!

The doctor was so pleased with the outcome and her ability to
use her finger and arm.  Thank you, Jesus!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

So far...

Wow!  It's July 7th?  How?  When?

Our summer has gone something like this....

May 25 - Finished School Year
May 26 - Pack and Drive to Denver
May 27 - Ashley had surgery;  Check in Soccer Team;  Begin Soccer Tournament
May 28 - Pain bad for Ashley;  meet repeatedly with Pain Team;  David's Parents and Sis-in-Love and neice and nephew arrive in Denver;  Try a drug for Sis - works amazingly!  Move her to the hotel;  Tournament play continues
May 29 - At the Hotel;  Ashley goes out for lunch and a little shopping;  back to hotel to sleep;  Tournament play continues
May 30 - Everyone heads to Durango via Colorado Springs where we stop for the Mall and lunch for Chris's Bday!  Let the caravan begin!
May 31 - Rest!
June 1 - Ashley to DR;  Allergy to latex worsening
June 2 - Family
June 3 - Family
June 4 - Grandma, Grandpa, and the boys in one car;  Aunt Alison, myself and the girls in another car - off to Oklahoma we go!
June 5 - Arrive after 18 hours of travel!!!!!  Lunch with my dad and mike
June 6 - my moms;  lunch with a friend;  dinner with friends
June 7 - work at my moms;  lunch with Aunt Bev
June 8 - work at my moms
June 9 - play a little at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum;  lunch with friends
June 10 - Grandma and Grandpa's house
June 11 - Kids and I drive back from Oklahoma;  too tired to do it one day - take two!
June 12 - Home to my Sweetie!!!!
June 13-17 - Fixed BBQ Chicken;  Ashley got new purple cast!  Larry and Marilyn here for court date; prepare for a wedding
June 17 - wedding; beautiful day;   not feeling well
June 18 - not well;  Father's Day Car Show Downtown Durango - fun!!!
June 19 - yucky.  My favorite room - the bathroom.
June 20 - Emergency Room - food poisoning from my own cooking!!!  yeah.  not proud. Dang Chicken.
June 6 - June 30 - soccer every morning;  driving to get Chris;  lunch with friends when can;  mostly resting and recovering from camphlyobacter infection.
July 1 - nothing!  Movie at night
July 2 - Kids Car Wash;  Shopping;  Bday party in the evening
July 3 - Church in the Park!  Movie in afternoon;  Dinner with Kids
July 4 - Soccer;  Parade;  Dinner with friends!  Fireworks with friends
July 5 - Soccer;  cleaning on house;  making lists of things to do this summer - what summer?
July 6 - Soccer;  completing lists;  church softball;  dinner with friends
July 7 - Slept in!!!!!!!  Soccer;   Lunch with my Kids!

.... and that's how we got here.  Tired?  Yeah, so am I.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Birthday, America!

My First Apple Pie!

Very Patriotic

And very delicious!

Flowers on our back porch.  David had them hanging when I came home from Oklahoma.  Petunias are my favorite!  And who can beat red, white and, well sorta, blue!

A Salute to America!

Watching the kids and waiting for Fireworks.

Our Gang!

 Sweethearts Forever

And a very Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nieces and Nephews and Family, Oh my!!

Addyson Nicole

Jacob Andrew


Cade William Lee

Keith, Chris and Cade

Aunt Kim and Avery

Aunt Kelli and Kim

Gran and her Kids

One Picture!  That's all we ask! haha!