Thursday, July 14, 2011

Botox and Cast Removal

On July 9th, we loaded the family up and headed back to Denver.  We left early in the morning so we could stop in Colorado Springs, CO before heading on in to Denver to see a Rapids game that night (more pics of that later).   On Sunday we shopped, visited with friends and laughed alot!

Then, Monday morning, we headed to the Children's Hospital of Colorado.  Ashley saw Dr. Matthews for Botox injections in her calf to release the tendons in her toes.  Amazing how that all works!

These pictures are from her camera, and her point of view - unless she's in the picture!

Waiting for the doctor.

The Child Life Specialist brought her a TV to watch movies.

Almost ready.  The versed has kicked in.  The numbing medicine has worked.
She wanted her brother by her.

Ah the sweet sleep of drugs.

All Done!  It went so well!

After the botox, we ate lunch and then saw Dr. Scott where she had her cast removed.
She was so glad to have that  thing off her arm!
Her skin had a reaction to the tape and was looking
kinda icky.  But much better now!

The doctor was so pleased with the outcome and her ability to
use her finger and arm.  Thank you, Jesus!

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  1. Thank You Jesus is right! Sean saw me looking at these at he said, "Oh no, Ashley got an oww!" So right there he and I prayed for Ashley's arm and leg. We are believing for a great report!