Friday, February 24, 2012


The past 4 weeks have been a whirlwind!

After Christmas, we were putting away decorations, cleaning house, packing for a trip, taking a vacation, coming back, prepping for the Daddy Daughter Dance, going to appointments and recovering from a cold and

BAM - it's February 24th!

As I type, everyone is in there rightful place.  Kids at their desks, David at work, Sherman on his bed.  The sun is warm streaming through the classroom window and it's very quiet in the house as everyone is concentrating on something.

It's a beautiful peace today.

My To Do list is a mile long.  But I don't care.

Late in the night a chorus came to mind:

       Breathe me, let my arms wrap around you
       Breathe me, let my spirit surround you
       Take time to fall upon your knees and worship me
       Breathe me

       Forget about your worries and your strife
       Forget about the cares of this life
       Be still
       And Breathe

That's what I'm doing today - breathing the presence of God.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Sweetheart!

We were so blessed to be able to be in Florida at David's favorite place for His Birthday - Epcot!

These are my favorite pics for my Favorite Man!

The "Seriously, you're taking my picture?" look does not discourage me!

The Boys

I love every inch of this man!!!

His "Teethy" smile for the Girls back home.

Happy 43rd Bday, Davey!
I will admit - I was pushing his limits of endurance with the camera this day.

Below - His Birthday Dinner in "Mexico."

He loves his Son.

He loves his Wife!

He loves his Daughter, too!!

He makes me smile!  and laugh!

"Teethy" again.

He tolerates hours of shopping.  A traits he is trying to
pass on to his children.

He loves roller-coasters!  Especially the Primeval Whirl!
We rode it 6 times!  And laughed so hard every time!

His favorite Breakfast - Chef Mickey's!
We awoke at 6 am to catch a 6:45 boat to eat at 7:25 am.
That's love!

A true smile!

Sweethearts ....

...who have become deranged parents!

Dear David - 
Every day, every week, each month of every year, I love you more.
Twenty years of marriage have flown by!
Thank you for your selflessness.  Your love.  Your devotion.
Your attentiveness.  That you fold laundry.
For taking care of cars.  For mowing lawns. For fixing sinks.
Thanks for taking time just to BE with us.

I love you so much, Sweetie.

Happy Birthday!

Now...... where should we go for my 43rd?