Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chris in the Parade

Chris marched in the Homecoming Parade

Isn't he handsome!

Ashley and the Girls

Ashley getting ready for her big weekend! A night at the Lodge and then hiking to Piedra Hot Springs.

Playing pool at the Lodge.

Two of our new "girls".

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Conscious Decision

Today was the 3rd Annual Parents Make THE Difference Conference for parents of 9R families here in Durango. It was exciting and exhausting and give me a few months before I"m ready to do it again!

Again, I was one of the organizers and loved seeing all the wonderful parents.

This year, I co-presented with my friend Christy on media literacy and advertising to our children. I so enjoyed the research and preparation and the presentation.

The keynote speaker was Mark Hoog, a pilot for United Airlines, children's author, and motivational speaker. His message is one of Conscious Leadership - deciding to lead; deciding to make a difference; deciding to be the differnce in someone else's life.

I was struck by the thought that failing to consciously choose to be better, do better, love better - is a choice in itself. A choice to remain satisified with the status quo. And if we are satisified with the status quo, we can't complain about the world around us. We must choose action.

The past 2 months have allowed me to see that God has placed me in a special place with a specific sphere of influence. I have a responsibility to consciously choose to serve God and live a life before this circle that reflects His love for them.

Lord, today, I choose to make a different in people's lives by consciously watching my words; choosing my steps and dedicating each day to the service you have laid before me.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Never Say Never

Okay, it's almost a James Bond title. We like Bond movies in our house and argue over which is the best. (In Her Majesty's Secret Service; The World Is Not Enough, if you're asking).

But it fits.

To all those who said Ashley would never walk - she hiked over 6 miles this weekend.

To all those who said Ashley would never understanding much - she spent the weekend with her new sisters. When asked what made them sisters? They all had the same Father. Christ.

To all those who thought we'd never have children - our oldest played beautiful soccer in Telluride this weekend.

Never say never. God doesn't.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Night Dinner

We had such a great night! I loved having everyone at our house - so many different people and ideas and thoughts and one commonality - Christ.

Believers, Seekers, Tip-toers around the Truth. But what a joy to have them all here.

Lord, thank you for this great opportunity!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Welcome Master Plan!

Tomorrow is a new adventure for our family! With the birth of Eliana to Erin and Nate, we will be holding the Master Plan Thursday night dinners at our home during their "setteling in" time.

We are so excited to welcome these young people into our home!

Hamburgers for 50? No problem! Pasta Salad - Kayle's got it covered! Cleaning the house? Who cares!? They're glad to be in a home with friends and a meal they didn't have to cook!

So Friday, I think I'll have earned a trip to Gazpacho's! Right, Sweetie?

Thank you for these young adults! We are so blessed to have them in our lives! To see their energy! Hear their laughter! Let them show our kids that serving God is cool and fun! Thanks for this Season, Father God.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Relationship and Redemption

There's a certain peace that comes in knowing who you are, accepting it, rejoicing in it and being content. I am a teacher. I am so thankful to those attending the "Dream Releasers" class for helping me see that. Or at least reminding me of that.

If you've not read this book by Wayne Cordeiro, I highly recommend it. We need to remember the dream God has placed inside of us.

I can see the creativity God has placed in me as I teach others. I love teaching my kids, too.

When they were little, I was notorious for my charts. Potty Charts. Cleaning Charts. Behavior Charts. Reward Charts. To Do Charts. But they were so useful! And I still have most of them. But it let the kids know what we expected, what they needed to do and it kept us all on track.

This week, I posted an Expectation list for everyone in the family. It included the topics of Home, School, Spiritual and Behavior and in each category were things such as keeping your room clean, going to Bible studies, completing assignments and keeping a positive attitude. Even Mom and Dad got a chart! This morning, Ashley asked if she needed to check things off each day (see, I trained her well!) Though this is not a Check-off chart, she still wanted to track where she was in light of our expectations.

The Bible is like that for us. It's a Check-Up Chart - not for God's expectations for our behaviors, but for Relationship with Him. Our behaviors align with His attitudes when we keep our relationship right with Him.

I am learning this about God - it's all about Relationship and Redemption. If our Relationship with Him is correct, He can redeem the pain that living in a fallen world brings. If our Relatinship with Him is out of balance, He has already purchased the Remption to correct our fallen status.

Lord, I thank you for sending your precious son to Redeem my life. You see me as your precious child - I don't know how worthy of that I am sometimes. But because I am your child, I am worthy. You love me when I am unlovely. Thank you, Father.

Thank you for seeking relationship with me. I really like that idea. You are my friend. You want to be with me. How awesome. Thanks.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New babies!

Yeah! We have three new babies in our church today! Sadie, Eliana and Jack - and they are so precious. Congratulations to the family and a reminder - Aunt Kim is ready to babysit!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pictures of Potato Lake Hike Sept. 13

We went to Silverton by way of Lime Creek trail today and stopped to hike to Potato Lake. It was a beautiful day!

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Will Remember

9/11/01 - We Will Remember

The day our lives changed. The day we learned we were vulnerable as a nation. The day we found solace in our neighbors. The day so many lives were taken and so many were destined to lay theirs down for our nation.

I Will Remember -

Watching cars line up for miles to get gas. Standing outside City Hall and wondering how this could be happening. Calling the school Superintendent and asking him to close the campus for security reasons.

Being sworn in as Mayor. Praying for God's Guidance and Wisdom.

Picking my children up from school and taking them straight to the Police Department where I could know what was going on and have my kids protected.

The horrible knot in my stomach.

Calling my dad who worked for an airlines and making sure he wasn't traveling. He was there; his boss was traveling. She missed her flight connections which saved her life.

Watching the towers fall and fall and fall. A horrible dream. When would we wake up?

Those four airplanes were our wake up calls. Our loudly ringing alarm clock that took over 2700 lives.

I Will Remember -

One year later, having surgery and everyone in the operating room laughing when I asked anyone with 9/11 post-traumatic disorder to leave. They assured me I would be fine. Two days later, an emergency surgery and I was barely clinging to life.

"I will live and not die, I will live and not die," the only scripture that I could formulate in my drug-laden mind. And I did live.

In our family history book 9/11 is not the best of days.

And yet, we can celebrate the lives we still have. The love of God. Our family. Our friends. Our family in Christ.

Lord, thank you for your ability to redeem this tragedy - and any other if we give it to you. The horrible you do not create, but you create beauty from the horror.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Peace in the sameness. Up, down, dinners, breakfasts; homework, practice, soccer, piano. Smiles, tears, laughter. Pain, joy, gladness.

It's one great big package. We have to take all of it together. We don't get to choose only the things that make us happy.

If we were never sad, how could we recognize true joy?

If there were never any pain, how could we see peace?

Someday, when this mortal body is made immortal. The imperfections made perfect, we will not need the negative to define the positive.

Lord, teach me to enjoy the whole package. Bumps, worts, blemishes and beauty.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ashley's Poem

As you may know, our 10 year old daughter was only 6 months old when she suffered a massive mid-cerebral arterial stroke leaving her with approximately 1/2 of the right side of her brain fully functional as well as left hemi-paretic cerebral palsy. There have been years of physical therapy, countless doctors visits, horrible Botox injections and two surgeries to get her where she is today. Ashley is a trooper - she skis, rides her own quad, is an avid Girl Scout and is very tender hearted. Her dream is to be a mom. She is behind one grade level but functions quite well despite her disability.

God has truly redeemed her pain.

Ashley loves to write. Sometimes in talking, she has trouble find the right words for a conversation, but with pen in hand, she can take her time. Recently, we found the following poem she had written.

My Place by Ashley Beach

I don't seem like a regular girl, because I am so rigid
But you are wrong about me, you are wrong about me
Because you don't know me.
My days have been so wrong but I deal with it
Because I am strong, I am strong.

That's my girl! She is strong! She is compassionate! She has a heart for God. She is my hero.

Sunday Afternoon

This morning I taught the first class on Dream Releasers by Wayne Cordeiro. I wasn't certain who would come or what the reception would be - but I'm glad I showed up! Of course, it usually goes better if the teacher is there.

Anyway, good class and I see such wonderful potential in each participant. God has such great plans, we sometimes forget to get involved in His work.

Our house is a buzz of activity this afternoon. Three girls and two boys make for alot of noise. It's the house I always wanted - the one where other kids come to play. The house is full of laughter and smiles. And lots of trash! My goodness, kids make alot of trash! Of course, three 12 year old boys eat alot of food!

Lord, thanks for this life. Let me see your hand. In people. In nature. Let me hear your voice. In laughter. In conversations. Let me feel your love. In the stillness. In the busyness. In the ones I love. THX

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Standing in Line

Ashley and I started the school year off with a bang! Or rather a virus. She seems to have bounced back well, but it's keeping off my feet. I work 'til noon and then I'm so tired, I have to lay down. I hate this! I have too much to do!

I spent my morning working with the Health Team to do assessments for Kindergartners, 2nd graders and 1st graders. Of course, that could be why I'm tired, too! I shuttled kids up an down the hallways for 2 hours!

One teacher asked her kindergarten students to "get in line behind your friends!" A little girl refused to be line but stood one step to the left of everyone. I repeated the teacher's request to her and asked her to get "behind her friends." She looked at me with big eyes and replied, "No one in this line is my friend."

There's a lesson here. Sometimes we feel we have no friends. That no one likes us or agrees with us. But, where are we? Are we standing one step to the left where no one can reach us with friendship? Are we refusing to let people love us?

Lord, let me be willing to be loved, even when I feel unlovable. Let me adjust my attitude so that you can reach me. So that other people can touch me. They need me as much as I need them. THX, XO KB

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today's the day! I am now 39 years old - and closing in on 40. My mom called and wished me Happy Birthday this morning then gave me permission to begin lying about my age next year! She's too young to have a daughter who is 40! Okay, mom. I'll stick at 39.

This day has me thinking about those people in my life who are a gift. Some have come into my life for a short time and left quickly; others are life-long friends; some have drifted in and out and are always welcome. I have been so blessed to know so many people from so many walks of life!

Even the internet is too small to name everyone I am thankful to have met, but today, I want to send these ladies a big "Thanks!" and "I love you!"

Kelli and Alison - my sisters. Kristen and Marilyn - my friends. You four are are my go-to girls.

The Literacy Ladies - Libby, Christy and Diane. I am so honored to work alongside you. Thanks for breakfast!

theRiver Girlfriends - you are there, building your families, strengthening one another and it is a beautiful thing.

Ashley - I love you, sis!

Kayle - you are such a joy in our life!

The women in my family - Roorks, Wilsons and Beaches - you are so strong! Our ancestors came across this land in covered wagons; fought alongside the men in wars; nursed sick children; picniced in the snow; loved our families dearly - and still found time to sing and tell stories and quilt blankets that wrapped us in love. What a beautiful heritage!

It is a beautiful fall day here in Colorado and I feel that beauty in my soul.

Thank you, Lord for this day. For this life you've laid before me. The twists in the road have been unexpected, but worth the trip. Each day has made me who I am. Thank you for caring enough for me to take me through the rough times and provide me days for rest. I am so in awe of your love, dear Father.

Monday, September 1, 2008

One day to go. . .

Tomorrow is my 39th birthday!

My husband woke me with gentle kisses on my cheek, whispering that my birthday gift was wrapped and ready to be opened. Even though it was a day early, he wanted me to open it so I could play with it.

I was so thrilled to find a dual-display digital picture frame! I loaded it with my favorite photos and displayed it on my bookshelves. It is wonderful to turn on and watch my kids faces scroll by! He did good.

We had a quiet day with lunch on the patio at Steakworks, a movie in the afternoon and then dinner from the grill - steaks, rice, salad. Chris, Kayle and Chris's friend - get this - Chris, are here playing monopoly with Ashley. Yes, we now have three Chris's in the house! We're going to have to number them.

Tomorrow beginst he countdown to 40. It's going to be an amazing year!