Sunday, September 28, 2008

Chris in the Parade

Chris marched in the Homecoming Parade

Isn't he handsome!

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  1. Beautiful pictures and awesome kids.
    But then they came from beautiful parents. Chris, Aunt Sharon is so proud of what a young man you are and how you are doing so well. You are really doing a great job. Keep it up.
    Ashley, my what can I say? You just blow the roof off everything. Believe me when I say you are truly an awesome piece of work that God has made and my I can't imagine what all God holds for your future. I picture you as an even greater inspiration to more than just your family and extended family. God is going to keep you busy girl. WE are so proud of you and hope you keep up the good work. I could never hike 6 miles ever!!! Maybe you can take your Granny and I on a hike some day. But have mercy on us and don't make it a 6 miler.
    Kim, you and David are doing a great job and I am just in awe of how much God is using you both. I know that God put you where you are for a reason. We all are where we are for a reason. No matter what the trials we face he always makes a way of escape. Sometimes I often have a hard time "seeing" that in my own life but you give me hope to keep pressing on. I want to be on the frontline of the battle when he comes and gives us the opportunity to make the victory lap. Can't be too much longer I don't think. May God keep us all in his protective care from all the firey darts that seem to overwhelm us at times. My 6 days of hospital stay showed me that there is a reason to be where we are at the time. I had several opportunities to witness of God's power and might. Thank you for helping me stay on a rugged narrow path that sometimes impossible to follow even though that is the direction that has been given us. You are such a blessing to all. Keep up the good work. I needed an uplifting message of encouragement. Ygu provided it. Thanks Aunt Sharon