Wednesday, October 1, 2008


How easy it is to see other people's flaws! The person who eats too much, diets too much; laughs too loud or not at all. The mother who yells at her children and the father who ignores them. Her house is too dirty - too clean! They're too loud! Too short! Too, too, too. . . .

We are quick to find fault in others - and all too often the fault we are quickest to jump on is that which we recognize in ourselves and yet we do not wish to confront. We'd rather confront it in someone else!

Seeing fault is different in finding fault. Seeing is recognizing a problem; Finding is searching for a flaw. Seeing seeks a solution; Finding seeks blame. Seeing results in the person being made whole; Finding results in a person being utterly destroyed.

As Christians, the highest compliment is God allowing us to SEE problems or faults or character flaws in those around us. Those faults are then entrusted to us as His hands on earth. What do we do with them? Do we lovingly correct or forcefully reject?

What do we do with our own flaults and flaws? Ignore them or allow the Holy Spirit to work them out of our lives? Too often, we hold on to them. We want them. They are safe. Though not healthy, they have become a part of our lives and to live without them seems impossible. We make excuses for them: I'm just honest. That's the way I'm made. I tell things like I see them. I love my body. If God had wanted me different, he wouldn't have made me this way.

But these are just excuses to stay in our comfort zone. To not allow God to work in us, to mold us into the person he has created us to be.

I want my Lord to call me one word today: Trusted.

Lord, remove the beam from my eye so that I can minister to the speck in others. Mend my own brokenness so that I may tie up the brokenhearted. We all come to the cross with bruises and scars - I do not want to add to anyone's hurt. Let me bring healing. An instrument of your peace. Trusted. Thanks, Father for this good day.

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