Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My posts lately have been few and far between and mostly just catching up with pics of the kids and activities for the family.

There's been no great revelations from God.

No thunder in the sky.

Although there is snow on the ground!

We have been busy, though!  Helped friends by watching their little ones.  Fixed food for folks.  Learned that I love Home Schooling my kids.  I love their bright minds and the wonderful conversations we have, weaving God into history, math and science.  I love their eyes when they "get it!"

However today, I feel like I"m standing at a Dead End Tunnel.  It's dark and the only sound is of sick kids coughing.  The only thing I can read are posts of friends struggling with illness.

In reading our book for this month, "Sacred Echo", I have found that I see God's love as global.  "God loves the world."  I see his love as sweet.  "Jesus loves the little children."   I see his love as transforming others.  "God loves orphans." 

Yet, I have not seen Him as, "God loves me."

It's like a Goggle Earth map with zooming perspective - God as Creator of the Universe, Savior of the World, Provider for our Nation, King of Colorado,  Lord of our City, Redeemer of our Church Body - but I never seem able to zoom into Jesus who loves Kim.

Why?  I don't know.  Maybe it's the feeling that prayers aren't answered.  My family was split.  My kids are still sick.  My daughter still has a handicap.  My son still has asthma.  My mother is still ill.  My dad still needs a job. 

I keep praying and I keep believing.  But those things still hang in the air.

God has shown his love for me in many ways - I'm not unaware of  His blessings.  I wonder, though, if those blessings are out of obligation. 

Does God do for me just because I'm one of many who call themselves Christian?  Does He really see ME?

Do we all struggle with this?

Does God see me, really see me today, tired, headache, caring for sick kids, worrying over finances and my children's health, praying for so many friends who are hurting;  whose dreams are fading;  whose marriages are dissolving and their children struggling?  Does he see me personally or just one of many with the same problems.

Am I an individual to Him that he would advocate for me, Kim Beach in Durango, Colorado?  Would he move the earth for me as He did Samson or Elizabeth?  Or am I just one of the many who walked across the desert with the Children of Isreal and God provided for as part of the group?  Am I the one sheep He would search for or am I one of the flock who always does what's told and gets left in the pin?


That's what I keep hearing.

Be still.

Calm your heart.

God, I'm sitting.  Do you see me?  Do you hear me?  Do you remember me?

I can send you my address.

United U14A and the Duke City Soccer League

The Durango United U14 A Team joined the Albuquerque (Duke City) Soccer League.  Twice a month, they have driven the 3 1/2 hours to Bernalillo, played two games and then driven home.  Their record is 5-2-1 - not bad for boys who have driven twice as far, and played twice as much on one day than their opponents!

In October, the weather was clear, crisp and spectacular - the perfect soccer weather!

The Sandia Mountains as a backdrop for the game.

He scored twice this day and played Goalie for the first time - but not the last.
 He kinda likes being in the goal!  That makes a momma nervous!

Girl Scouts Rock

2009 Rededication Ceremony
Troop 1568
Florida Mesa Elementary

This is Ashley's 5th year in Troop 1568.  Many of them began as Brownie's together and now they are Junior Cadettes.  Last year, they voted as a Troop to use part of their Cookie money on a project for the Homeless Shelter in Durango, CO.  On the last day of school, they collected gently used and new backpacks.  The girls took them home and cleaned them up, mended them and then filled them with a school supplies.  Each girl carefully filled a bag with supplies as well as other goodies.

At this year's dedication, the director for the Women's Shelter and Homeless Shelter came and accepted these gifts. 

Ashley had been working on a seperate project.  With the help of  family, soccer families and other friends, she had been collecting the little soaps, shampoos and lotions from hotel stays.  As part of a sewing project, she sewed 16 Toiletry Bags made from wash cloths and then sorted the donations into the bags.  She had supplies to make two men's kits as well as two baby kits!   These she presented to the Director as well. 

We were very proud of this darling girl.  Collecting, Sewing, Sorting - with a very big heart!

Presentation to the Director of the Women's Shelter and Homeless Shelter.

Ashley was a member of the Ceremonies Committe and carried the CO Flag.

Troop 1568 and their Backpacks

Ashley's Rededication

Ashley and her friend Gabby

Monday, October 12, 2009

Home School Group Visits the Pumpkin Patch!

Last week's field trip found the River Church Home School Group at the Pumpkin Patch in Aztec, NM.  It was a beautiful day! 

Agricultural Education from Farmer Brown.  He showed us what crops are raised at Sutherland Farms including he numerous types of gourds - even a new crop from Australia!

A Wagon rain for the little kids -

- and big kids, too! 
Graham Saunders

Beautiful blue sky above the corn maze.

Ashley and Liberty searching for the Perfect Pumpkin!

Kale has his!

Of the many blessings in my life, I count this group at the top.  Knowing other families are "breaking the mold" and seeking ways to educate their children that include God and Biblical principals is so encouraging - we are not alone!

And I love having all these kids around!