Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Girl Scouts Rock

2009 Rededication Ceremony
Troop 1568
Florida Mesa Elementary

This is Ashley's 5th year in Troop 1568.  Many of them began as Brownie's together and now they are Junior Cadettes.  Last year, they voted as a Troop to use part of their Cookie money on a project for the Homeless Shelter in Durango, CO.  On the last day of school, they collected gently used and new backpacks.  The girls took them home and cleaned them up, mended them and then filled them with a school supplies.  Each girl carefully filled a bag with supplies as well as other goodies.

At this year's dedication, the director for the Women's Shelter and Homeless Shelter came and accepted these gifts. 

Ashley had been working on a seperate project.  With the help of  family, soccer families and other friends, she had been collecting the little soaps, shampoos and lotions from hotel stays.  As part of a sewing project, she sewed 16 Toiletry Bags made from wash cloths and then sorted the donations into the bags.  She had supplies to make two men's kits as well as two baby kits!   These she presented to the Director as well. 

We were very proud of this darling girl.  Collecting, Sewing, Sorting - with a very big heart!

Presentation to the Director of the Women's Shelter and Homeless Shelter.

Ashley was a member of the Ceremonies Committe and carried the CO Flag.

Troop 1568 and their Backpacks

Ashley's Rededication

Ashley and her friend Gabby

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  1. Thank you for posting these pictures! I'm so proud of Ashley and what she is doing AND I'm happy to see those shampoos, soaps, etc. going to a great use.
    Love you!