Monday, October 12, 2009

Home School Group Visits the Pumpkin Patch!

Last week's field trip found the River Church Home School Group at the Pumpkin Patch in Aztec, NM.  It was a beautiful day! 

Agricultural Education from Farmer Brown.  He showed us what crops are raised at Sutherland Farms including he numerous types of gourds - even a new crop from Australia!

A Wagon rain for the little kids -

- and big kids, too! 
Graham Saunders

Beautiful blue sky above the corn maze.

Ashley and Liberty searching for the Perfect Pumpkin!

Kale has his!

Of the many blessings in my life, I count this group at the top.  Knowing other families are "breaking the mold" and seeking ways to educate their children that include God and Biblical principals is so encouraging - we are not alone!

And I love having all these kids around!

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