Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am joining the Thankful Thursday bloggers. (Although this is the 3rd time I've tried to type this - I keep hitting the wrong buttons and deleting my work!)

I am Thankful for these blessings:

1. My God - you are my Life from which all other blessings come -

2. My Husband - you are my Heartbeat.
3. My Kids - you are my song.
4. My Home - it is my refuge.
5. My Best Friend - you are my sister.
6. My Friends - they are my smile.
7. My Job -both school and Church - it is my fulfillment.
8. My Family - they are my foundation.
9. My Church - my strong tower.
10. My Country - my responsibility.

Hmm, 3rd times a charm.

Thanks God for pointing me towards the important today.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Perspective

In the light of day, things look better.
In the light of day, hope emerges.
In the light of day we can see the hand of God
And know that his love grows brighter
In the Light of Day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things We Dread the Most

A new member of the household.

When Ashley had her stroke, it was funny the things that bothered me. Like Shoes. I cried in every shoe department. Because of her braces and her affected walk, she would never wear all the cute little shoes I saw. Mules, high heels, ballet slippers, flip-flops, etc.

When her forehead skin was different colors (don't ask why - they don't know - but it looked like white butterflies on her forehead), that bothered me. She was so beautiful and I wanted people to see her beauty, not the splotches.

I hated for her to wear her arm and leg braces in public after one old biddy cooed over her infant seat in a store, "honey, what did your momma do to you?" I got over it eventually and we have boxes of braces.

But mostly I never wanted her to have a wheel chair. When they said she'd never walk, I dreaded bringing home that tiny little chair. We have had a modified chair for years - but it looks like a giant umbrella stroller and is not so offensive. And people don't stare at it.

Now she has a chair.

Her left foot is causing her so much pain. The tendons are swollen and they can't straighten her foot at all. They couldn't cast it - the foot would contract in the cast and create pressure points cutting off circulation and killing the skin and possibly other tissue. She just needs off of it.
She can't use crutches because of her hand and arm weaknesses and a walker presents the same problems. So, they want her resting in a chir and they are calling the surgeons in Denver.

I know this is needed. But it is not liked.

This hideous wheeled beast needs to leave my home. My beautiful daughter is sitting in the lap of this black and metal intruder. My heart aches.

How does Ashley feel? God bless her heart - she loves it! She's mobile and fast and her foot's not hurting. She was thrilled to be fitted for the chair. I guess she's been hurting more than we realized.

God - help me. This is not a road we chose. I don't want to be here. I don't want my daughter to be here. Heal her. Please.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Talk! Talk! Talk!

To all my family and friends who know how much I love to talk! To all of those who have been the recipient of my speeches which being, "research says. . ."

I just finished reading some papers on raising emotionally healthy kids - know the #1 indicator? Parents who talked to their kids! Even if their kids didn't talk back, they were listening. Did you know that for someone to absorb what you say, they have to hear it 7 times!

How many times did you tell your kids today that you love them? Twice? Three times? If not 7, they may not have "heard" you!

So for you young moms, there's a reason why you have to say, "No, no, no, no, no, NO, NO NO!" Those little ears only heard you the last two times!

Now I wonder, how many times has God told me something and in my humanness, I'm not hearing Him yet? Am I going to make Him say it 7 times before I get it? Boy, I hope I'm not that stubborn, or stupid!

The trip to Oklahoma last week was hard. Over 30 hours of drive time; 4 states, 2 time zones, a half dozen McDonald's (we're playing Monopoly), 4 beds, 3 homes, 1 hotel. One funeral, 3 nephews, 2 neices, my own 2 kids. Three suitcases, three backpacks, new dress because the weather was warm, tons of laundry and lots of diet coke. But even though I'm still tired and recovering, I'm so glad we went. The conversations between Chris and I were priceless. In the car, it's safe to talk and listen. We don't have to look at each other but we do have to listen. Ashley's not quite ready for those deep talks. She'd rather watch a movie, read a book and do her school work. But in the nex couple of years, she and I are going to take a road trip t0gether so we can talk.

Keep talking! We know it builds vocabulary in tiny children, word sense in toddlers, conversational skills in preschoolers; social skills in Kindergarten; vocabulary practice in 1st grade; sentence structure in second grade; expository skills in 3rd grade; expansion of knowledge base in 4th grade; shared experiences in 5th grade; experiment in language styles in 6th grade; expressive skills in 6th grade. . . .and a sense of trust and a foundation for future relationships across all age ranges!

Lord, forgive me for not listening. The first time. Open my ears to hear you speak. Open my eyes to see your presence. Open my heart to love others the way you love me.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goodbye Grandma Phyllis

Today, Grandma Phyllis went home. This afternoon she is in Heaven seeing family and friends and her Savior.

Thanks Phyllis for your life. For trips to band contests and movies. For days and nights at the State Fair.

For calling and checking on me during college and encouraging me.

Thanks for making bridesmaids dresses and my ring bearers pillow. For loving my husband liked you loved me.

For being there when my babies were born. And when one was in ICU.

Thanks for teaching my kids to love salmon patties! and for being there when Chris lost his first tooth. For taking care of my kids when I was so sick.

Thanks for raising your daughter - my best friend. She is a gift. She is hurting right now, but we'll be there for her. Don't worry.

Mostly, thanks for loving us. We will miss you.

But we will see you soon.

Kim, David, Chris and Ashley Ruth

Monday, October 13, 2008

Just Added. . .

Grab a tissue, get ready to praise God and watch the Card Board Testimonies listed in the right-hand column!

Yeah, I'm There

I love commercials! They're the most entertaining part of television - although not the safest! Recently an insurance company has been runnings ads were people are in various stages of their lives - "You know the place between moving out of your parents garage and buying a house? Yeah, I"m there."

Today, I was at Santa Rita Park with Ashley and one of her best girls, Liberty. We had a picnic lunch and then the girls rode their scooters while I tried to keep up on foot. It was a gorgeous day! The trees are magnificent shades of gold and red and deep brown. There was a slight breeze - not too cool but, really, just perfect. We stopped after a little bit and went to the river's edge and played in the cold Animas River and looked at rocks. I was struck by how blue the sky is today.

As we walked back to the car, it hit me, "Yeah, I'm there." I'm right where I've always wanted to be. This is the life I wanted. Bumps, warts and all. It's one big package and we have to take all of it or none of it. I want it - Wife, Mom, Teacher, Friend. This is what I wanted.

This package is an incredible gift from Father God - my kids, my home, my church, my friends, my work, my family!

Not that there aren't some things I would change if I could. Who hasn't gotten a gift that left you speechless and wondering how you could exchange it for something useful? I am limited in what I change. I know my limitations. And I'm okay with them.

I'll take it all!

Lord, thanks for bringing me here. To this place in the world, in time, in my walk with you. I am so grateful for each blessing you have given me. Pressed down - you've gone above and beyond. Thanks.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Colors

David and Ray went 4-wheeling this week to photograph the colors - and get in a ride before the weather changes! It was a beautiful day.

I love photos or roads - the mystery of where they lead, the adventure they promise.

Snow and Fall Colors!

Soccer In Grand Junction

Chris playing soccer. What you can't see in the continuous rain they played in all weekend. No wonder four boys were sick by Monday. They won this game 2-0!

Ashley and Luna. This is our friend Joanne's little dog she rescued from the pound as a pup. We've watched her grow up - kinda the soccer team dog. Ashley loves walking Luna and playing with her during the games.

It was rainy in Grand Junction and snowing on the passes, so we elected to drive home through Utah. The drive was gorgeous. Turns out the passes were okay but we would have missed a beautiful drive.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cold Season Emerges!

It all started with David. Normally the kids bring it home, but this time it was him. Then I had the sore throat, runny nose, cough, ickiness all over. We drove to Grand Junction - the four of us sharing air in one vehicle. We checked into a hotel. One bathroom. Two beds. One breathing space.

Crawling into bed Friday night, I wondered why I had come.

Then Saturday I felt better. Sunday even better. Stood under a tent in the drizzle and watched Chris play some great ball.

Drove home Sunday. The long way through Moab in case the snow on the passes proved thick. It was only an hour further and a gorgeous drive!

Home safe. Laundry started. Nice dinner with Chris and Kayle.

Monday morning - Chris is sick. Same stuff.

Zinc lozenges. Zicam swabs. Vitamin C. Lots of water. Chicken soup. Nose sprays. Vicks.

Monday night - he feels better.

Good! I had a million things on my calendar for Tuesday - Parent Meeting; Telephone Conference; Book Fair; Spreadsheet to prepare; Parent-Teacher Conference.

Tuesday morning - Ashley is sick. Yup. Same stuff.

Here we go again.

My plans were derailed. Plans that I thought were on my "trail" (see earlier posts). I guess my calendar was the detour and being mom and at home was my path the past two days. I'm fortunate that my work allows me to be at home. Research can happen anyhere and reports can be typed at home. Days like these make me a better advocate for families - if it's hard for me imagine the single mom working and supporting kids and not having the option to miss work for the day; or the two income family barely making it and illness has used all their sick days.

Lord, thanks for this Trail today. I'm enjoying the view. Not that I want my kids sick, but there's still great conversations and loving moments and teachable times in illness. Father God, please take away this illness from our home - it's made the rounds and we're done! But mostly, thanks for the peace that comes despite the sickness. You are indeed awesome. K

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


How easy it is to see other people's flaws! The person who eats too much, diets too much; laughs too loud or not at all. The mother who yells at her children and the father who ignores them. Her house is too dirty - too clean! They're too loud! Too short! Too, too, too. . . .

We are quick to find fault in others - and all too often the fault we are quickest to jump on is that which we recognize in ourselves and yet we do not wish to confront. We'd rather confront it in someone else!

Seeing fault is different in finding fault. Seeing is recognizing a problem; Finding is searching for a flaw. Seeing seeks a solution; Finding seeks blame. Seeing results in the person being made whole; Finding results in a person being utterly destroyed.

As Christians, the highest compliment is God allowing us to SEE problems or faults or character flaws in those around us. Those faults are then entrusted to us as His hands on earth. What do we do with them? Do we lovingly correct or forcefully reject?

What do we do with our own flaults and flaws? Ignore them or allow the Holy Spirit to work them out of our lives? Too often, we hold on to them. We want them. They are safe. Though not healthy, they have become a part of our lives and to live without them seems impossible. We make excuses for them: I'm just honest. That's the way I'm made. I tell things like I see them. I love my body. If God had wanted me different, he wouldn't have made me this way.

But these are just excuses to stay in our comfort zone. To not allow God to work in us, to mold us into the person he has created us to be.

I want my Lord to call me one word today: Trusted.

Lord, remove the beam from my eye so that I can minister to the speck in others. Mend my own brokenness so that I may tie up the brokenhearted. We all come to the cross with bruises and scars - I do not want to add to anyone's hurt. Let me bring healing. An instrument of your peace. Trusted. Thanks, Father for this good day.