Saturday, February 26, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance 2011

David and His Daughter
"Never Grow Up"
Daddy Daughter Dance 2011

My Favorite Couple
They are so handsome
First they ate dinner at Christina's, then attended the dance and
ended the evening with dessert at Baskin Robins.

My Gorgeous Gal

When I look at this picture, I see the quiet strength that my daughter possess shining through in film.  She constantly amazes at me how she faces life.  She is rarely daunted.  And even if
overwhelmed, she handles it gracefully.

Yes, flowers - pale pink and ivory roses.

Because I was responsible for the drama presentations during the dance, I was able
to attend and watch my favorite couple.  I couldn't resist a picture with my princess!

The Enchanted Forest
The artistic minds in our church are amazing!

Three Happy Dads
Jerome, David and Mark
Lotsa dads in pink last night!

Mark and Kate
Kate gave me the idea of my email as a Chaplain-
Miss Kim

Now, what event can we plan for moms and sons?
Rivertrip and Cook out?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Race Day 2011

Our Winner!
Division 6, Third Place

Dad and His Girl

Chris and Sis
 She's the white blur in the middle!

I was just sick today - such an important day, had my new camera with me, ready to go.
Except the battery was dead and I didn't have a media card!
Ray, our good friend, brought us his two canon batteries and a card.
Card worked, batteries didn't!  What a great guy to try!

I am so proud of Ashley doing this.
It wasn't necessarily her comfort zone.
But she did it anyway!

I love you, Ashley Ruth Wilson Beach
You challenge me each day to be a better person.
A better mom.
A better friend
You are an Amazing Woman of God!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Miracle in Your Hand

This past week, Pastor Dwight spoke on The Miracle in Your Hand. You can follow the links to listen at:  It was good stuff.

We all have something in our hand.  For the sermon illustration, it was the little boy who had a small lunch for fish and bread.  For some, it's a hammer - you can build, rebuild, repair.  Maybe you have a spatula - you can cook for those who are physically hungry and spiritually hungry.

This week, as I've thought over the sermon, it came to me that we have two hands.  If a Miracle is in our Hand, what's in the other hand?  Is it a tool to complete the miracle?  or is it the one thing that will defeat God's work in our life?

In one hand you may hold the tool to change someone's life forever!  Compassion for the hurting.  Food for the hungry.  Friendship for the lonely.

In the other hand, you grip tightly to that which keeps you from using God's gift - desire to be uninvolved.  Feeling of inadequacy.  Fear of intimacy.

Our church has a ministry for feeding those after a surgery, sickness, tragedy, birth of a child.  It's wonderful!  The ladies who take care of this are very organized and have computerized it making it so effecient.  Our family has been the recipient of this gift several times.  And I've provided meals, too.  But I never feel good enough!  I'm a good cook - no one leaves my table hungry.  I've cooked for two college retreats - leftovers were few.  But when it comes to cooking food to take to someone else's home, I feel like a reject from "Worse Cooks in America" being asked to guest host "The Martha Stewart Show!" 

Today, I see this as a tool of the enemy.  I feel inadequate, I'm paralyzed from action. 

Maybe in your hand is a secret that no one knows.  Not your best friend.  Not your worse enemy.  Just you and God.  It's heavy.  It's a noose around your neck.  It binds your hands together so you cannot work.  It totally incapacitates you.  It's the leverage the enemy has against you and it is keeping you from moving forward in God's kingdom!  Share it!  Bring it in the open!  If it's not a secret, the enemy cannot use it against you!  There is freedom!

I feel more on this subject coming.  This is a start.   Ask yourself, "What's in my other hand to prevent a miracle from happening?"

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Day Story

Twenty-three years ago today was my first Valentine's Day with David.  I had no way of seeing how many years together we had in front of us.  We were newly dating.  And flirting - the trombone section was directly across from me and I would move my chair so I could see him.  While playing, he would wink at my across the rehearsal room and my heart would melt. It still does.

During band rehearsal that Valentine's Day a dear friend become very sick.  We spent the afternoon and evening in the emergency room with her.  So no fancy dinner or flowers, etc.

The next day, David brought me flowers and a card.  With my name spelled wrong!  Kimberl - E - y. 

Okay, he was being romantic and using my full name.

After that, he started putting Kimmie on my cards.  I love that!

Here we are, 23 years later, with dinner reservations for tonight at a favorite restuarnat.  Leaving the kids at home with pizza.  Getting dressed up!  whoo hooo! 

We've come along way, Davey.  And I love you even more today!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ashley Ruth - In the Pool

This is my girl. My pressed-down, shaken-together, running over blessing from God. Her smile lights up a room. Her laughter brings joy to any situation.

She is not a quitter. She keeps going.

Pain does not stop her.

Bad news doesn't bring her down.

She loves children. She wants to do an internship with our Children's Pastor - she can see herself ministering to kids for a lifetime.

Yes, I'm in love with my daughter. She is precious.
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Words of Life

Sometimes, the word of God says it all.  Well, actually, it usually says it all, if we just lisen!  They are the words of life.  They bring nourishment to my soul!

"He who watches over you will not slumber;  indeed, he who watches over Isreal will not slumber nor sleep!"  Ps 121:3,4

"On my bed I remember you;  I think of you through the watches of the night.  Because you are my help,
I sing in the shadow of your wings!" 
Ps  3:6,7

"The Lord is my elper;  I will not be afraid.
What can man do to me?  Heb 13:5

"So do not fear, for I am with you;  do not be dismayed for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."
Isa. 41:1

Isaiah 41:9 (New Living Translation)

 "I have called you back from the ends of the earth,
saying, ‘You are my servant.’
For I have chosen you
and will not throw you away."
Is 41:9

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday & Friends

We were ready for some football!

The boys of the couch!

Miss Madison

Master Reese - a new generation of fans!

 The girls table

My Beautiful friend Tiffany.  She is the Virtuous woman.
Loves all deeply.  Cares constantly.  Shares
selflessly.  I love this friend!

My Chris!Josie wins the prize!  Busiest Football Fan of the Year!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Dream Fulfilled

January 27, 1999 - our baby daughter had a stroke leaving her with left-hemiplegic myclonic/dystonic cerebral palsy.  That day changed our life.

But God was not suprised.  He was still in control.

Two years later, after walking through grief and pain, God birthed in my heart the desire to be a Pediatric Chaplain.

Ten years later, I did it!  I put it off.  Scared. What if they didn't accept me?
What would I do with the Chaplaincy?

I worked on the papers.  Put it away.  Decided to wait.  And honestly,
everytime I started to work on it again, my own child became ill or
needed another surgery or a medication change.  Maybe, I thought, this was a bad idea!

Then last month, our Pastor's wife spoke.  To boil it down, she said, "Do Something!"  There are som any needs to be met, so many souls to be snatched from despair, so many that need a home, a friend, a glimpse of hope - get up and do something.

I remembered my application papers.  Nicely completed.  Waiting for a final read.  Ready to be sent.  Waiting for months.  I had two reference letters.  I had all the paperwork done.  Now, do something!

I mailed the application.  Waited and prayed, "Lord, do what you will."
Yesterday afternoon was a trying day.  On the phone and on hold for hours
trying to get doctors appointments and make travel arrangements (okay,
we need a mirale here).  I wrote on my FB status - I give up.  Going to
my bubble bath.

Even that was, pardon the pun, a wash.  My daughter beat me to the shower
and had drained every last ounce of hot water from the tank.  I waited.  Still
no water.  Gave up after 20 minutes and took a cold shower.  Ick!  It's 19
degrees outside!

Bundled up in my robe, I fixed dinner for my family.  David worked late last night - his new job is a blessing but setting up a new department in a new company with new people is alot of work (he needs supernatural energy!).  When David came in he brought the mail.  And a large white envelope.  "Your Chaplaincy," he said.

I was so anxious.  I really expected them to require at least 2 college-level courses from me.  Inside was a beautiful black folder and in that folder a letter welcoming me to Chaplain Fellowship Ministires!  There was an ordination, license, membership and chaplaincy certificate as well as a shiny membership card.

Wow!  I cried.  A dream fulfilled.

Now, the million dollar question:  what are you doing to do with this?  I have no earthly idea.  But God has a heavenly one!  He said to do it.  When he says, "Go!" I'll do that too.  Working with the families and babies at church right now is so fulfilling.  I'll do that as long as he says to.

This is my miracle.  That God can take an ordinary mom of two;  who talks too much and spends more time apologizing than breathing;  who loves people but hates messes;  with an autoimmune disease that leaves her tired and achy;  who teaches her children at home;  but who loves God - and take her from the waiting room of a hospital as an uncertain mom to the waiting room where other people  need help and redeem her own pain.

What am amazing God!