Saturday, February 26, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance 2011

David and His Daughter
"Never Grow Up"
Daddy Daughter Dance 2011

My Favorite Couple
They are so handsome
First they ate dinner at Christina's, then attended the dance and
ended the evening with dessert at Baskin Robins.

My Gorgeous Gal

When I look at this picture, I see the quiet strength that my daughter possess shining through in film.  She constantly amazes at me how she faces life.  She is rarely daunted.  And even if
overwhelmed, she handles it gracefully.

Yes, flowers - pale pink and ivory roses.

Because I was responsible for the drama presentations during the dance, I was able
to attend and watch my favorite couple.  I couldn't resist a picture with my princess!

The Enchanted Forest
The artistic minds in our church are amazing!

Three Happy Dads
Jerome, David and Mark
Lotsa dads in pink last night!

Mark and Kate
Kate gave me the idea of my email as a Chaplain-
Miss Kim

Now, what event can we plan for moms and sons?
Rivertrip and Cook out?


  1. Anna had a blast - good job Kim. Ashley looks beautiful.

  2. Ashley looked stunning when she walked in!

  3. She amazes me daily, Miss Kim. What a testimony that she was not only there, but DANCED!!!!!