Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Day Story

Twenty-three years ago today was my first Valentine's Day with David.  I had no way of seeing how many years together we had in front of us.  We were newly dating.  And flirting - the trombone section was directly across from me and I would move my chair so I could see him.  While playing, he would wink at my across the rehearsal room and my heart would melt. It still does.

During band rehearsal that Valentine's Day a dear friend become very sick.  We spent the afternoon and evening in the emergency room with her.  So no fancy dinner or flowers, etc.

The next day, David brought me flowers and a card.  With my name spelled wrong!  Kimberl - E - y. 

Okay, he was being romantic and using my full name.

After that, he started putting Kimmie on my cards.  I love that!

Here we are, 23 years later, with dinner reservations for tonight at a favorite restuarnat.  Leaving the kids at home with pizza.  Getting dressed up!  whoo hooo! 

We've come along way, Davey.  And I love you even more today!


  1. I am in shock. There is, in this post, a photo of David with an actual, corners-up, smile. Amazing!!!! Have a wonderful evening, you two!