Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Dream Fulfilled

January 27, 1999 - our baby daughter had a stroke leaving her with left-hemiplegic myclonic/dystonic cerebral palsy.  That day changed our life.

But God was not suprised.  He was still in control.

Two years later, after walking through grief and pain, God birthed in my heart the desire to be a Pediatric Chaplain.

Ten years later, I did it!  I put it off.  Scared. What if they didn't accept me?
What would I do with the Chaplaincy?

I worked on the papers.  Put it away.  Decided to wait.  And honestly,
everytime I started to work on it again, my own child became ill or
needed another surgery or a medication change.  Maybe, I thought, this was a bad idea!

Then last month, our Pastor's wife spoke.  To boil it down, she said, "Do Something!"  There are som any needs to be met, so many souls to be snatched from despair, so many that need a home, a friend, a glimpse of hope - get up and do something.

I remembered my application papers.  Nicely completed.  Waiting for a final read.  Ready to be sent.  Waiting for months.  I had two reference letters.  I had all the paperwork done.  Now, do something!

I mailed the application.  Waited and prayed, "Lord, do what you will."
Yesterday afternoon was a trying day.  On the phone and on hold for hours
trying to get doctors appointments and make travel arrangements (okay,
we need a mirale here).  I wrote on my FB status - I give up.  Going to
my bubble bath.

Even that was, pardon the pun, a wash.  My daughter beat me to the shower
and had drained every last ounce of hot water from the tank.  I waited.  Still
no water.  Gave up after 20 minutes and took a cold shower.  Ick!  It's 19
degrees outside!

Bundled up in my robe, I fixed dinner for my family.  David worked late last night - his new job is a blessing but setting up a new department in a new company with new people is alot of work (he needs supernatural energy!).  When David came in he brought the mail.  And a large white envelope.  "Your Chaplaincy," he said.

I was so anxious.  I really expected them to require at least 2 college-level courses from me.  Inside was a beautiful black folder and in that folder a letter welcoming me to Chaplain Fellowship Ministires!  There was an ordination, license, membership and chaplaincy certificate as well as a shiny membership card.

Wow!  I cried.  A dream fulfilled.

Now, the million dollar question:  what are you doing to do with this?  I have no earthly idea.  But God has a heavenly one!  He said to do it.  When he says, "Go!" I'll do that too.  Working with the families and babies at church right now is so fulfilling.  I'll do that as long as he says to.

This is my miracle.  That God can take an ordinary mom of two;  who talks too much and spends more time apologizing than breathing;  who loves people but hates messes;  with an autoimmune disease that leaves her tired and achy;  who teaches her children at home;  but who loves God - and take her from the waiting room of a hospital as an uncertain mom to the waiting room where other people  need help and redeem her own pain.

What am amazing God!


  1. Yeah! They are beautiful Kim!

  2. Amen! And I'm so proud of you for doing it. And I'm crying. And I can't wait to see what God is going to do.

  3. Okay, I am crying now. I am so happy for you. I am sure that whatever God has it is going to be amazing! Congratulations.