Monday, January 31, 2011

Durango Adaptive Sports Association

There are few groups in the world that just make life better. They improve the quality of our life for many people. Their employees exude energy and love. Their volunteers make everyone feel special.

That's the Durango Adaptive Sports Association.

Bucket for skiers. Quadraplegia, hemiplegia, autoimmune disorders, rhuematoid arthritis - nothing will keep a willing person off the mountain!

Miss Ashley preparing to hit the slopes.

The Dave Spencer Adaptive Sports Association Building at Durango Mountain Resort, Purgatory Mountain.
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 The Face of a Winner!

Did I mention the scenery is beautiful?

Lots of equipment waiting to be used!

          Let Me Be Brave!


  1. I always smile when I see them on the mountain. Woohoo Adaptive Sports Association!

  2. I love all the different ways God blesses us and encourages us. So thankful for those amazing people in Adaptive Sports. They are blessings!

  3. Actually, the students are the blessing! They inspire all of us with their great attitudes and tenacious effort!

    Eric, ASA Durango Instructor