Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

It's that time of year.  The sitting time.  Around me, the noise of hundreds of people shuffeling for food and table is dimmed by the headphone piping music to my ears.  I have been lucky to find a table nestled by the fireplace next to a giant window overlooking the ski slope.  I watch hundreds more people brave the twenty degree weather in order to speed downslippery slopes and stop just feet from my perch and smile.

Part of me would love to be out there.  I hate being left out.  I hate failing - and my one try at skiing would definitely fall in that column.  I would love to see the stop of the mountain covered in snow and ski with my kids and watch them experience the beauty of  God's creation.

They make it look effortless, my athltic children and husband.  A sawy here, a bend there, swoosh and stop.  My experience was more of a lean there, pop up, jerk around, fall, tumble and dig myself out of the snow drift.

I've spent alot of my life digging out.  Sometimes out o drifts I've made and other times out of avalanches others dumped on me.  A few holes have been tunneled out of things that are just life. But I keep digging.

Lately, I've grown tired o myself.  I am too intraspective.  Too reasoned.  Often searching for too much meaning in too little events.  I thought for the longest time it was just me - I must have a defective gene that searches for deeper meaning in the mundane.  Then I read the obituary of my dearest English professor.  The writer sketched a picture of the artistic mind.  The mind always looking for beauty in the ugly;  for right in the wrong;  for reason in the horrible.  A mind that believes that life should not be wasted and therefore searches desperately for meaning in all that is said, done, lived - every breath.

I'm normal!  I'm just an artistic mind and without an outlet, I am focused inward and try to order my artistic, chaotic yet brilliant mind.  Brilliant, you may ask?  Is that too bold?  No!  Brilliant - multi-faceted, shining from different angles.  The most powerful evidence of a Creator!  Only intelligent design can produce something that has so many sides and positions;  irregularities and planes.

I will let this mind be more creative.  I will be more fun, enjoying the moment and not just the end creation.  Joy in the journey!  Celebration in the creativity!


And, I think I'm going to give skiing another try!


  1. Kim,
    You are very brilliant. You are a shining light of creativity and I too have this gene you speak of. You are SO wonderfully made. I have to tell you that I was in a ski club in high school. I took lessons every week. It took me about 4 or 5 lessons before it "clicked" and I felt control over my skis and my body. But when it does... WHEW! Watch out. There is nothing more invigorating or wonderful than conquering the mountain with the sun beating on your face and God's beautiful creation of nature all around you. I'd love to ski with you someday. A girl's trip to the mountain. Love you chica, Jen

  2. And I love you just the way He made you.