Thursday, September 25, 2008

Conscious Decision

Today was the 3rd Annual Parents Make THE Difference Conference for parents of 9R families here in Durango. It was exciting and exhausting and give me a few months before I"m ready to do it again!

Again, I was one of the organizers and loved seeing all the wonderful parents.

This year, I co-presented with my friend Christy on media literacy and advertising to our children. I so enjoyed the research and preparation and the presentation.

The keynote speaker was Mark Hoog, a pilot for United Airlines, children's author, and motivational speaker. His message is one of Conscious Leadership - deciding to lead; deciding to make a difference; deciding to be the differnce in someone else's life.

I was struck by the thought that failing to consciously choose to be better, do better, love better - is a choice in itself. A choice to remain satisified with the status quo. And if we are satisified with the status quo, we can't complain about the world around us. We must choose action.

The past 2 months have allowed me to see that God has placed me in a special place with a specific sphere of influence. I have a responsibility to consciously choose to serve God and live a life before this circle that reflects His love for them.

Lord, today, I choose to make a different in people's lives by consciously watching my words; choosing my steps and dedicating each day to the service you have laid before me.

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  1. It is funny how when God teaches us something He really drives it home; it seems like everything around us points to the things that he is trying to teach us. Funny; okay really just God.