Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Will Remember

9/11/01 - We Will Remember

The day our lives changed. The day we learned we were vulnerable as a nation. The day we found solace in our neighbors. The day so many lives were taken and so many were destined to lay theirs down for our nation.

I Will Remember -

Watching cars line up for miles to get gas. Standing outside City Hall and wondering how this could be happening. Calling the school Superintendent and asking him to close the campus for security reasons.

Being sworn in as Mayor. Praying for God's Guidance and Wisdom.

Picking my children up from school and taking them straight to the Police Department where I could know what was going on and have my kids protected.

The horrible knot in my stomach.

Calling my dad who worked for an airlines and making sure he wasn't traveling. He was there; his boss was traveling. She missed her flight connections which saved her life.

Watching the towers fall and fall and fall. A horrible dream. When would we wake up?

Those four airplanes were our wake up calls. Our loudly ringing alarm clock that took over 2700 lives.

I Will Remember -

One year later, having surgery and everyone in the operating room laughing when I asked anyone with 9/11 post-traumatic disorder to leave. They assured me I would be fine. Two days later, an emergency surgery and I was barely clinging to life.

"I will live and not die, I will live and not die," the only scripture that I could formulate in my drug-laden mind. And I did live.

In our family history book 9/11 is not the best of days.

And yet, we can celebrate the lives we still have. The love of God. Our family. Our friends. Our family in Christ.

Lord, thank you for your ability to redeem this tragedy - and any other if we give it to you. The horrible you do not create, but you create beauty from the horror.

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