Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ashley's Poem

As you may know, our 10 year old daughter was only 6 months old when she suffered a massive mid-cerebral arterial stroke leaving her with approximately 1/2 of the right side of her brain fully functional as well as left hemi-paretic cerebral palsy. There have been years of physical therapy, countless doctors visits, horrible Botox injections and two surgeries to get her where she is today. Ashley is a trooper - she skis, rides her own quad, is an avid Girl Scout and is very tender hearted. Her dream is to be a mom. She is behind one grade level but functions quite well despite her disability.

God has truly redeemed her pain.

Ashley loves to write. Sometimes in talking, she has trouble find the right words for a conversation, but with pen in hand, she can take her time. Recently, we found the following poem she had written.

My Place by Ashley Beach

I don't seem like a regular girl, because I am so rigid
But you are wrong about me, you are wrong about me
Because you don't know me.
My days have been so wrong but I deal with it
Because I am strong, I am strong.

That's my girl! She is strong! She is compassionate! She has a heart for God. She is my hero.

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  1. Wow! What a powerful poem...she is a great writer!