Thursday, July 7, 2011

So far...

Wow!  It's July 7th?  How?  When?

Our summer has gone something like this....

May 25 - Finished School Year
May 26 - Pack and Drive to Denver
May 27 - Ashley had surgery;  Check in Soccer Team;  Begin Soccer Tournament
May 28 - Pain bad for Ashley;  meet repeatedly with Pain Team;  David's Parents and Sis-in-Love and neice and nephew arrive in Denver;  Try a drug for Sis - works amazingly!  Move her to the hotel;  Tournament play continues
May 29 - At the Hotel;  Ashley goes out for lunch and a little shopping;  back to hotel to sleep;  Tournament play continues
May 30 - Everyone heads to Durango via Colorado Springs where we stop for the Mall and lunch for Chris's Bday!  Let the caravan begin!
May 31 - Rest!
June 1 - Ashley to DR;  Allergy to latex worsening
June 2 - Family
June 3 - Family
June 4 - Grandma, Grandpa, and the boys in one car;  Aunt Alison, myself and the girls in another car - off to Oklahoma we go!
June 5 - Arrive after 18 hours of travel!!!!!  Lunch with my dad and mike
June 6 - my moms;  lunch with a friend;  dinner with friends
June 7 - work at my moms;  lunch with Aunt Bev
June 8 - work at my moms
June 9 - play a little at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum;  lunch with friends
June 10 - Grandma and Grandpa's house
June 11 - Kids and I drive back from Oklahoma;  too tired to do it one day - take two!
June 12 - Home to my Sweetie!!!!
June 13-17 - Fixed BBQ Chicken;  Ashley got new purple cast!  Larry and Marilyn here for court date; prepare for a wedding
June 17 - wedding; beautiful day;   not feeling well
June 18 - not well;  Father's Day Car Show Downtown Durango - fun!!!
June 19 - yucky.  My favorite room - the bathroom.
June 20 - Emergency Room - food poisoning from my own cooking!!!  yeah.  not proud. Dang Chicken.
June 6 - June 30 - soccer every morning;  driving to get Chris;  lunch with friends when can;  mostly resting and recovering from camphlyobacter infection.
July 1 - nothing!  Movie at night
July 2 - Kids Car Wash;  Shopping;  Bday party in the evening
July 3 - Church in the Park!  Movie in afternoon;  Dinner with Kids
July 4 - Soccer;  Parade;  Dinner with friends!  Fireworks with friends
July 5 - Soccer;  cleaning on house;  making lists of things to do this summer - what summer?
July 6 - Soccer;  completing lists;  church softball;  dinner with friends
July 7 - Slept in!!!!!!!  Soccer;   Lunch with my Kids!

.... and that's how we got here.  Tired?  Yeah, so am I.

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