Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Attention Beach Children

Attention All Beach Children!

When listening to instruction being given to your sibling, please take note of said lecture.  It will apply to you someday.

Help yourself by listening to the instruction given to your sibling and applying it to your own life.  Immediately!

Repetition of instruciton causes migrain headaches in  parents.  Multiple repetition of the same linstruction to the same child can cause aneuryisms of optic nerves in said parents.

When choosing to ignore instruction, please choose wisely.   Some instruction, is given too frequenly, may cause parents' heads to spin, projectile vomiting and disturbing voices to come from their throats.

Failure to head instruction in children may cause anger, resentment and tears.  It will lead to the correction of lessons and possibly further discipline.

Do not be alarmed if this happens.

Stay calm.  Flee to your room.  Open your Bible and consult the instruction manual:

Proverbs 8:33

Listen to instruction and be wise;
don't ignore it.