Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday - with a Request

You may have heard the story of doctors telling us, after years of infertility treatments and a miscarriage, that David and I were "incompatable" (really?) and would never have children. So what a suprise when 4 weeks later, I was pregnant! (yeah, really!)

Chris was the son I prayed for - another David to carry his father's name as well as his grandfather's, a great-great grandfather, several uncles and cousins (it's a Southern thing!)

His birth was a little long! I went in on Tuesday night, he was born on Thursday morning at 2:07 a.m. (Ashley as born on a Thurday at 7 minutes til 2 in the afternoon!) I laughed with extreme, Godly joy was he was born! I've never laughed like that again but I knew in that moment how Sarah felt!

He has been our joy. He is talented. A little stubborn (hmm.) and loves little kids. It was my extreme pleasure to direct him in this year's Passion Play.

On Easter Sunday he woke with a sore throat. By Monday he couldn't talk and was complaining of his stomach hurting. Tuesday to the doctor - no strep just a virus (and yes, Ashley hasit too) but his stomach was hurting - something his sis did not have. Wednesday night we spent at the ER. They thought gall bladder or enlarged spleen from the virus. Nope. Did CT scan, ultrasound, a ton of blood work and still no results. They sent us home around midnight with pain meds and a "hmm, this is a mystery. call your doctor."

With meds he slept last night, but today he is hurting. Badly. We go back to the doc at 1:50 today. We need an answer or a healing. One or the other. Or both! Just a move towards closure. He's in pain, uncomfortable and a little irritable. Hmm, wonder why.

Pray for us to know what to do; how to help him; how to force the doctors if we must.


  1. So sorry that your chilren are sick. I've been praying for all of you, I know how it feels to have a sick one and not know how to help them.

  2. we prayed together last night as a small group and praying today as chris has come to mind often.
    bless you, xx, carie

  3. You are all in our prayers as I know stuff like this affects the whole family. We love you a ton! Let us know if there is anything we can do.