Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fatigue and Sickness

I didn't realize how tired I really was until Sunday afternoon. After dinner, we came home and everyone found a couch while we attempted to watch a movie. Attempted because there was nothing decent to see so we watched a movie on TV - which I slept through.

Chris was sick on Sunday and the first diagnosis was strep. Wrong. The antibiotics helped none on Monday so first thing Tuesday, off to the doctor. It's a virus. A bad one. Their body temps are low and they are very, very quiet. Very unusual in our home.

With them both sick, I took a nap on Monday after cleaning on the house all morning. Company is done for awhile so I was able to get the house back to pre-passion play status. Almost. But the laundry is done. That's a miracle.

Slept all night Monday. And today I'm thinking of a little snooze.

Hopefully tonight I'll post some pics from the play. This cast deserves all the credit we can give them. They are awesome!

My thanks to each on of them and all of you who prayed for them as well. It takes us all rowing together to get anywhere!


  1. It's amazing what stress and adrenaline will do for us. Keeps sickness at bay - temporarily... Once the stress is gone the adrenaline leaves and all we're left with is sickness. Not fun. Hope your family recovers quickly! Love you!

  2. you all deserve a nice rest. unfortunately, it is forced on you by illness
    i so appreciate yours and the rest of your crews dedication to the passion play
    what a blessing to me and my family and of course so many others
    sleep tight...