Friday, April 17, 2009


Although most tests point to gall bladdar, they are inconclusive, so Chris got to eat tonight - we'll see how it goes. He is a more agreeable guy after 3 days without food!


  1. Yeah for food! I hope he enjoyed a cheeseburger, curly fries and a coke! Still praying for healing! Love ya!

  2. I can attest to the change in attitude. He was downright hilarious with his french fries tonight. And, FYI for y'all, Kim & David have been amazing through all this. They're awesome parents!

  3. Kim,
    It was so great visiting with you guys the other day. I am praying for Chris, peace for you and your family. You have an awesome son, I just pray that he is being healed by our almighty God and after all of this is done.. God will have taken care of it all. Love you girl, Jen