Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I like instant - no waiting. I like drive-throughs- they cook and clean. I like buying bead at bakeries - it's already done.

I don' t like to wait.

But here I am waiting. Not sitting - my bathrooms are clean, laundry is done, house cleaned. I don't just "sit" well. But I am learning.

Sit at the emergency room. Sit in the doctor's office. Sit at the hospital - walk the halls in the middle of the night to keep from going crazy in the quiet!. Sit at home. Sit at another doctor's office. Sit at the hospital - again.

I have been here before. Waiting.

God, help me to sit quietly in you today. Only you know why my son is ill. Only you know how to help him. Give the doctor's wisdom. Give his father and I grace. Give Chris peace. . .

while we wait.

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