Saturday, April 18, 2009

Still Waiting. . .

The doctor is on the floor! Yeah! Still waiting to see what we are going to do today. Eating was good for his mood but not his body - hurting. Breakfast was the same way.

Okay, I can trust God. He keeps asking me, "Do you trust me with your child?" Hard for me to say yes. I'm learning.

Father, I will trust you. Please give the drs wisdom. I don't want him to suffer. He needs relief and wants to be home - and to eat without any pain. Lord, he was yours before mine. You hold him in Your hand. Hold us, too. We will wait. Your timing is perfect - ours is inpatient. Your will is all-encompassing - ours is self-centered. Your grace is keeping - ours is fleeting. I will wait.


  1. We can & will get through this sister! I love you!

  2. What an awesome prayer Kim. You are blowing my mind with the truth you speak here. We know God has Chris tucked beneath his wing. He is so strong and mighty. We put all our faith into his awesome plan for your amazing son. Love you girl. -jen

  3. Okay, I think I meant "impatient" not "inpatient."