Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Go God

Chris's doctor just called - the biopsy done this morning showed Chris positive for H. Pylori
bacteria which can cause gastritis, ulcers, pain and ickiness in the stomach! This is a diagnosis much more in line with Chris's age and symptoms. . . and can be treated with medications.

Yes, he had been tested with blood work, and we were assured that a negative blood test was accurate. Yet, false negatives happen all the time. So it is good we went through the steps to have him tested.

He should be feeling much better by Monday!

Thank you God!


  1. Got your text the same time I read this post. So glad they found a reason that does not require surgery! We'll be praying for a speedy recovery! Tell him when he feels up to it, Guitar Hero & cheeseburgers at our house!

  2. Wahooligans! I have been following your posts, I just never comment. :o) What a relief!