Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little Moments

After the bustle of the past 5 mionths, the hurry of packing and traveling for surgeries and tournaments, and then playing 4 soccer games in two days, the kids and I headed to the pool this evening. We played tag, Marco Polo, and just enjoyed general silliness. After a bit, I headed to the hot tub (oh, yeah) and watched the kids continue to play together.

I was amazed to think that I gave birth to those two wonderful creatures! Being their mom is such a joy. Not always easy, but always done with much love. Their laughter just makes me smile from the inside out! Their smiles warm my heart. I am a most-blessed mom.

We've settled into the room, following Papa John's pizza with the grandparents at the lobby tables - love Drury Inn's free pop and coffee and tea service available 24/7! Kids are tired. It's been quite a roller coaster since last October.

But we're still here. No one jumped off the ride, we just buckled our belts and hung on to each other. I am very blessed that through everything life has given us, the four of us have clung together, prayed together, laughed together and sometimes cried together.

A peace just settles over my soul. I'm sitting at the computer, they are each in a bed and it is quiet. We miss their daddy - did I mention this family likes to be together? God will keep him safe and we'll see him next Saturday!

Together. What a beautiful word.


  1. Kim, I am so blessed to year that you are enjoying your children, having a blast and getting some much needed peaceful moment relishing in your family. What a total blessing. I am sure David misses you guys bunches. Thanks for the great Mommy example you are to me. You are awesome. Love you, jen

  2. Yay! That is beautiful. Enjoying your life and your family. It's the simple things in life after all, eh?

  3. I love that you played in the pool with them. I hope I'm as cool a mom as you!

    Have fun while you're there. Home misses you :)