Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Last Day

It seems this past month has been filled with many "lasts." The Waters leaving created many "lasts"; now the Bleger's (that was hard for Chris last night at their "last" Well service); today is the "last" day of school - for the grade they are in and at their schools because we will be homeschooling next year; today is also the "last" day our team at work is together. We have worked, traveled, cried, argued, been in the same 10x10 cubicle together - for 3 years! As our grant has ended, no one was absorbed by the district and we are all going different ways. When I finish my "last" report this summer, my job is complete as well.

"Lasts" are tricky. They can cause tears yet under the tears is an excitement, too. What new things await us? What is God doing?

Oh, the last of something really only marks the "Beginning" of something great!

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