Sunday, May 17, 2009

Judge Not . . .

As I was dressing this morning, I realized that two of my previous posts have set myself up for examination by others. After writing about bras, tanks and peek-a-book pants, people will look at me to see how I dressed. Is my bra showing? Is my shirt too low, my pants too tight?

I do stand by what I said as far as modesty and appropriateness, however, I also passed judgement on many women. I do not know their circumstances or how they were taught. Perhaps there was no mom to teach them dress modestly. Or maybe the finances just aren't there and they are doing the best they can. Or, as in the case of Durango, they just don't care and it's me who has the problem. (I dare Stacy and Clinton to spend a day in downtown Durango during curb-side make-overs. They would be pulling their hair out in a minute!!)

But in everything there is a lesson to be learned. And mine: perhaps the reason God's word tell us "don't judge, for however you judge, others will judge you!"

Judgement not only sets ourselves up for a big fall, it also burdens us with heaviness. So I passed judgement (although God's word is pretty hefty on modesty) and now I am burdened with making sure that I live up to my own dress code!

Amazing that God uses even little blogs to teach us big lessons!

Father, thank you that you teach us in so many ways. The Word, little voices, the Holy Spirit and even our own shortcomings. Let us learn.

Lord I want to be burdened only with Your cross, not a cross of my own making.


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  1. Kim, you are so awesome. We do have some fashion issues here in Durango that need to be addressed. For sure. But to hear God like this is so cool. I too am being stretched, taught and humbled by an awesome God. Love you for your reflection. Lv, jen