Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pray for Chris

Four weeks of illness is waaay too much for this kid! As time has gone on, he hasn't been able to eat without extreme pain, can't run without pain, can't drink without pain. Monday, he missed school again; went on Tuesday; had to come home on Wednesday with extreme pain. We saw Dr. Z and had to make some tough decisions.

On Wednesday night, after Chris being sick again all week, loosing more weight and still not being able to eat, we drove to Denver with an appointment to see a Pediatric GI and a Pediatric Surgeon today, Thursday.

The drive was uneventful and David was able to go with us. It took exactly 7 hours from home to hotel with no "bumps" in the road (i.e. the passes were clear, the wind was down, gas mileage was great, and the kids slept!)

Today, we saw both doctors - the GI guy was so nice and like, "hmm, could be gall bladder; need to continue h.pylori treament; let's talk to the surgeon." The surgeon was like, "yeah, what's the question, he needs his gall bladder out." We were told that although the tests were not 100%conclusive, his symptoms, persistent pain, progressing illness and abdominal tenderness pointed him in the direction of needing to remove his gall bladder.

I do feel better having him here at Children's. Everyone in Durango has been great. Yet kids need Kid Doctors. The surgeons was straight forward with Chris and I about the risks and possible complications and the fact that this may not be the cure - though he felt like it was a small chance that it was not his gall bladder. Chris listened and then the Dr. sent his schedule-lady in to see us.

SIDE NOTE: David had taken Ashley upstairs to see her surgeon and have her legs x-rayed - they are 3mm closer in length! In 4 months we'll have more x-rays. At this rate, may get to remove her pins in the fall! Their office was so great - I talked them and told them we were in the Hospital Clinic for our son, and asked if we could get an appointment and we did. Everyone looks so good on her legs and she got to keep a photocopy of her x-rays. Cool.

God worked it well! He had one slot open for Friday! So, no driving home and back to Denver! Wow, God!

We will spend the night in Children's Friday night and then come home on Saturday.

Thanks to everyone who is feeding dogs, watching the house, hauling supplies and mostly for PRAYING for us!

"The steps of a righteous man are ordered of the Lord." I would much rather God have ordered our steps to stay in Durango. For God to heal Chris. For the h.pylori meds to have done the trick. For doctors there to be His hands for healing. But God brought us here. Our steps have been prepared. The angel of the Lord has prepared our way.

We just walk.


  1. Praying from here...Love you all!! xo

  2. Praying for you guys. Awesome verse. Love you Kim. You are an amazing Mom and blow me away with your steadfast eyes on the Lord. Praying for a safe trip back and all the blessings of the Lord on the rest of your time in Denver. Love you, Jen