Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Fashion Faux-pas!

Continuing on a theme:

* Just because you can wear it doesn't mean you should!
* If your bra size includes the letters D, E or multiples of any letter - tank tops are not for you! Some C's are questionable!
* Tight Tank Tops are great UNDER other clothes - unless you are buff!
* Flaunting what you have does not mean you have self-confidence!
* If you are over 40, please realize you are no longer a Junior size.
* If you are over 20 - you probably aren't a junior size either. They are meant for low to no hormone gals with no hips, no figures and basically no body fat!
* Please do the bend-over test with your pants - if you bend or squat down and your backside shows, you need a different size, cut or both!


  1. Awww are such a party-pooper!! My size 3 (LOL) leather capris and tank are my fav outfit...and I was gonna wear them today, jeepers...ugh...