Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Miracles Still Happen

Many of you know my son, Chris, has been ill for several weeks now. He even spent 3 days in the hospital having tests and getting rehydrated. The only thing they found was a possible gall bladder problem - although the test may have been askewed by medications. An endoscopy and biopsy showed had an h.pylori infection.

Yeah! Now we know! - or so we thought. Today he completes his two week treatment, but guess what? The pain is back.

During the hospital stay, a CT scan showed a spinal problem - spondylosis /spondylitis. Not good but manageable.

From Web MD:
"What is spondylolisthesis / spondylitis ?
Spondylolisthesis is a condition in which one bone in your back slides forward over the bone below it. It most often occurs in the lower spine. In some cases, this may lead to your spinal cord or nerve roots being squeezed. This can cause back pain and numbness or weakness in your legs. In rare cases, it can also lead to losing control over your bladder or bowels.

Sometimes when a vertebra slips out of place, you may have no symptoms at all or no symptoms until years later. Then, you may have pain in your low back or buttocks. Muscles in your leg may feel tight or weak. You may even limp."

"Ankylosing spondylitis is a type of arthritis that affects the spine. Ankylosing spondylitis symptoms include pain and stiffness from the neck down to the lower back. The spine's bones (vertebrae) may grow or fuse together, resulting in a rigid spine. These changes may be mild or severe, and may lead to a stooped-over posture. Early diagnosis and treatment helps control pain and stiffness and may reduce or prevent significant deformity. "

Yeah. Sounds great.

So when Chris awoke with pain on Monday, back to the Dr. we went. This is a Dr. who is a seeker. We even talked about God and the Bible and Dinosaurs during the Monday appointment as well as the authenticity of the Word (I had my "The Case for the Real Jesus" with me. We need to teach about intentional witness!). Okay, we went to Mercy, had x-rays. The next day, Dr. calls me. Hmmm, what the CT had shown and what the x-rays were now showing did not coincide.

"Oh, so God healed him," I said.

"What?" the Dr. replied.

"God healed him!" - two more times I said.

"Hmm, that is possible," replied the Dr with a change in his voice.

I mean, if the radiologist saw the spondoyl-thingy and the doctor saw and now no one can see it, don't you think that means there was a healing? Yeah, me too.

Now, the gut pain and upper back pain is still there, but it's not his spine. PTL!!!!! Walking is uncomfortable and running unbearable! Eating makes him sick.

Now I'm waiting to talk to Drs today to see what we are going to do.

Wow, God.

Now, pray for this Dr. God is talking to him!!!


  1. If it's the same Dr. I'm thinking of - he really is seeking! The hubby had a great talk with him the other day... we'll be praying :)

  2. I will pray for that doctor too. Awesome awesome story, testimony and miracle. Yeah to our awesome God. Lv, jen