Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not Our Home

Only two days into our trip here in Oklahoma, and I am very much missing our mountains and our mountain family in Durango.

I love being with my family. Jacob and Addyson have grown so much! What a precious neice and nephew we have been given! Keith and Cade were excited to see us last night and Kelli is pregnant and happy (think PINK!). Mom is good and I'm able to help around her house with some little projects and still visit with friends. This entire county holds memories that built the life we have now.

Yet this is no longer my home. Home is Durango. I love so many people in both places. How can one's heart be so torn?

This is where God teaches us, "this world is not your home!" We are strangers in a strange land (had God been to a Durango festival when he wrote this?).

What is home? A place? A feeling?

Last night, I was asked if my parents being ministers and often moving made me feel like I had no home. "Goodness no!" I replied, "it taught me that home is not made of a building but those who occupy the four walls."

But is that true? Our earthly Home is only for now. Our Heavenly Home is Forever! And the only thing we can take with us to that home is ourselves and the relationships we have made.

Relationships! That's home! The people! Not the things. Not the place. But the people we love.

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  1. Come home soon sweet friend - I miss you!! Love you bunches - xo