Friday, June 12, 2009


Since moving to Colorado, the one weather event I have missed is morning thunderstorms. Some that last all day. The dark clouds that roll in, lightning that suprises you and thunder that rolls over the Oklahoma hills like an ocean wave. The dark blue of the sky makes the lush green landscape even more vibrant like a child just colored them with a fresh crayon. There is no wind, a stillness that, at first, is erie, yet brings a peace that is filled with expectation.

God has blessed my last morning here with just such a storm. I'm sitting at the kitchen table at my in-laws house. Everyone else has left to get dressed for the day. It's quiet and I have a cup of joe (not Joe's though!) and my computer and can look out the breakfast room windows at the approaching rain.

I am constantly amazed at the lessons God teaches through His world - if we look and we listen. These hills are the setting of many Storms in my life. Yet greater are the many wonders I have seen! And the peace He has always given me. As this storm approaches, there is the expectation of rain. Something will happen today. But there is also the knowledge that after the rain, the sun will shine and warm us again, plants will grow stronger, and the lightning will have cleared the air with his mighty electrical charges.

We all look forward to the end of storms. The knowledge that we survived! Yet, maybe we grow greater in grace when we recognize the coming of a storm and the potential for seeing God's hand at work - and we are excited! There is an expectation of great things to come! Instead of "what's going to happen next?" we begin to ask, "how is God going to show himself mighty today?"

Okay, I'm not praying for storms - I've had my share. And in Oklahoma, there's dark clouds often bring tornadoes, something I really hate. We've prayer for God to move many tornadoes from our home - and He has (I'll write about that sometime) time and time again. But if I have learned anything this week, it's to be in this moment. Not looking back - that can't be changed. Not dreading the future - it will come no matter what I do. But living right now.

The wind is now picking up, the sky is almost black and the the wind has arrived. Windows are rattling a bit, but in the house, we're okay. We're safe.

Today's storm reminds me, "Kim, you have never been out of my care. No matter what blows your way - I am bigger. I am Lord of the storm. You are my child and I will not let it overtake you!"

Stay in God's hands today. Let the storm blow around you, but not through you. And stand with expectation knowing that above the clouds, the sun still shines!

Love to all my friends and family. You make each moment so special. Each storm passable. Each day a delight.


  1. Beautiful words from a beautiful woman. Thanks for sharing a great bit of truth for the day. Miss you tons!

  2. That is just beautiful! I'm going to send people who think I can write to your site to show them someone that can really write! Seriously...ever thought of writing something to be published? You've got the way with words and the heart for it!