Monday, June 15, 2009

Memory Box Monday

Memory Box Monday was started by my friend (who tends to start many trends on the Blogging trail!). I've always loved the idea.

At Thanksgiving, I put out a box with paper and people would write things they were thankful for and put in the box and on Thanksgiving Day we read them all. My Fall Spin on the Memory Box.

I've been putting off my own Box - too busy, not the right box, what would I put it in it? You know the procrastinations - you've done 'em too!

While in T-town I was looking for my friend a specific miniature for her Memory Box when I came across a package of two little babies - one wrapped in blue, the other in pink - and I thought of my precious blessings. I bought them. Brought them home. And tonight I put them in a special box. It's a box my brother-in-law gave me for Christmas when he was about 14 years old.

(I love my brother-in-law in my heart. He's a good man. He loves his wife and kids and have always been proud to call him "brother!" Okay, his 7-8 th grade years were tough, but we all survived.)

Back to the box. I've always had this box on my dresser. Sometimes it held jewelry, most recently it was home to the calculator. But now it holds my Memorials.

Two little babies. Two babies the doctors said we'd never had. Two little babies that were not supposed to exist! My babies!

And one little cross. David was given a cross like this on his first Father's Day. Chris was just a few weeks old then. My mother was responsible for gifts for Father's that year and she gave them all little Cross-in-your-pockets. David has carried his every day since then. Then two weeks ago, it was lost at the soccer tournament. He was a little distressed when he called to ask if I had found it in the hotel room. I didn't but I knew where to get another one!

In Tulsa, I bought one to replace his lost treasure, and another for my box - to remember that Christ has always been the center of our family. And He will always be - we will serve the Lord!

So there begins my own Memory Box Monday!

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  1. Love, love, love that you started a Memorial is so essential to remember all the things that God has done...miracles - both huge and not-so-huge...they are all by His might and His proud of you girlfriend...and btw, thought you were gonna' be there yesterday?? Miss you! xo