Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Passion for Life

After a conversation with DW this week, I'm seeing a clearer picture of my passion. A passion which uses my gifts and feeds a dream.

So what is that Passion? The Arts and Families

The Arts - talking about this gets me excited! I lean to the edge of my seat! I talk fast! Ideas flood my mind! So cool to have this realization. (Okay, I hear all the "duhs!" out there!) How cool to have an Arts Festival centered around Christ? Music, Drama, Painting, Photography - you name it!

The Family - Christ loves the family. His blood creates a family. We are brothers and sisters, who are adopted into his family and we cry, "ABBA! DADDY! " If a family is destroyed, lives are as well. This is where my desire to be a Chaplain in Pediatrics comes from. Families with ill children experience divorce at an exponential rate of families with healthy children.

It is so exciting to see what God is doing in my life! (I often speak of "Our" life - but as much as I love families - my family in particular - I realize that God loves ME! The Individual. Kim!)

What's God developing in you? What is your Passion for Life?

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  1. I got chills reading about your passions. I love the idea of an art fair showing off God's gifts to us. What a cool idea! And the Chaplain for pediatrics. Awesome. You'd be great! You go girl. God loves you Kim, the individual. We do too!