Friday, January 30, 2009

Random Facts

I've been tapped to write 25 Random Facts on Facebook but felt this was a better spot. There are not many things people don't know about me - the down-fall of being talkative. However, it is interesting to think about: "what makes me unique?"

1. I have known David since I was 12 years old. We have been married for 17 1/2 years. Our first date was 21 years ago this past Monday.

2. I'm a proud Texan - born in Waxahachie, TX in 1969.

3. My dream as a child was to be a wife and mom. I chose that over a singing career - my vocal instructor was livid when I announced my engagement. She wanted me at the Denver Opera. Really???

4. "David" is a family name on both sides of our family. Chris is really "David Christopher." At one time, there were 13 living David's between the two of us.

5. I once auditioned for Lionell Harris as one of his back-ups. Made it to the final round!

6. I love movies! Pirates of the Carribean are my current favorites. But I will watch Pearl Harbor if you ask! Oh, and John Wayne movies, too. Love to watch "McLintock!" But I love black and white movies . . .then musicals - they are so happy, and I like. . .

7. I love to read! I currently have 3 books going.

8. In 2002, I weighed 263 pounds. I've lost over a 100 pounds through a surgery that almost took my life and required 3 more surgeries to fix!

9. My ipod collection is very eclectic - jazz, rock, worship, kids, musical theatre - love it all!

10. I've always wanted to ballroom dance.

11. I'm not as organized as I look. My list making and quest for order are an attempt to harness the millions of random thoughts and ideas that go through my head in an hour. Yes, hour.

12. David makes me smile. His wink makes my heart race.

13. I love to go for long drives. Just being in the car with my family, looking at God's world.

14. I play the clarinet.

15. Politics - another passion. I follow talk radio and read newspapers, magazines and watch the news. We must be aware of our world.

16. I've had the Secret Service pull their guns on me when I accidentally walked into a curtained area where President George H. Bush was standing. Hey, I got to see him up close!

17. My best friend lives in Oklahoma. We've been friends for almost 24 years!

18. I regret not studying more in college.

19. I will try most things once. Especially in a competition. I do not like to lose.

20. I love diamonds and pearls - alone or in combination!

21. Ashley is named for a childhood friend's sister who died when he and I were 9 years old. I promised him after the funeral I would name my daughter for his sister. Twenty years later, I did. Ruth is from my dear friend, Ester Ruth, who died while I was pregnant with Ashley. Wilson is my maiden name, her middle name.

22. My middle name is after my aunt, Sharon Kay.

23. My family history can be traced on paper to the 1700's when they came from Ireland - on my mom's side. My dad's family came from Scotland about the same time.

24. I love techy things!

25. A travel trailer fell on me when I was 5 and broke my back. My mother prayed immediately and God healed me. I am in awe the way God has taken care of me throughout my life.

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  1. I did not know some of that. I love the fact that David still makes your heart flutter; and you smile when he winks at you.