Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here I Stand

I love the story and bravery of Martin Luther. He hungered to know more about his Savior. Even if that meant going agains everything he thought he knew. He stood before the leaders of his day, challenging them with a holy zeal to examine what they knew about God. He wanted everything to know God has he had come to know Him - personally. His famous statement to those who had the power of life and death over him has often been my prayer, "Here I stand."

In times of surrender: Lord, use me, here I stand.In times of fear: Lord, I am powerless, here I stand.In times of conviction: Lord, forgive me. Here I stand humbly before you.When I must live by my convictions: Here I stand!

I was twelve when I knew that my life would be a life of ministry. Everything that has happened to me, for me, in me, has been leading to this week. Here I stand.

I am a teacher. I love it. Sharing new ideas and thoughts and information! And I love teachng God's word. I learn so much from my students!

But to teach a Conference? To have people listen and look to me for guidance for four hours? Stand. Literally, that's what I must do! But before I can stand, I kneel. I cry to God, give me your words!

Lord, here I stand. Humbled that would you use a 39 year old housewife to help people see their dreams! Amazed that you brought us to this town to this church family! Thankful for your grace and mercy that has sustained our family through dark days. No matter how dark, your love and gift of humour has let us see your love.

Thank you Father! I will stand. Here. There. Wherever you call me.

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