Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thanks Mom and Dad

There are certain moments as a parent that make you appreciate your own mom and dad.

The first: band and orchestra concerts. How did my parents sit through elementary, middle, high and then college concerts! At least by High School an College you could recognize the tune!

The second: Girl Scout Cookie sales. How many boxes did my parents sell fo me? How many did they just eat? As the sale begins this Friday, I think,
" didn't we just do this?" Order forms, money, cases of cookies!

Last, the bathroom. I dream of bathing without someone knocking on my bathroom door.

So thanks mom and dad for the concerts and cookies. And I'm sorry I knocked on the bathroom door so much!


  1. We so want some girl scout cookies. We seem to miss them every year. Hit us up!

    And mom's and dad's rock!

  2. Yes! Girl Scout Cookies! Sign us up for, like, a million! And yes for quality, uninterrupted bathroom time!

  3. So I want cookies too; and I do not wonder why they put locks on bathroom doors. Used to annoy me now I love them.