Monday, January 5, 2009

Rest is a Weapon

"Rest is a weapon."

What a powerful statement! When you see everyone rushing around, busy, busy, busy and all saying they are so tired, you wonder why? What is so important?


Fatigue is the weapon of the enemy of our soul. The more tired we are, the more suspectable we are on his battlefield - our mind. The more we focus on our own physical needs. More fatigue, less accomplished.

Yet it is also the Weapon of the Almight!

When we are rested, we can think clearly, study more, understand Him, hear Him!

Father, so many are tired. They crave rest. They need to lay their head in peace tonight. Our leaders are tired - and for good reason! Parents of young children are pushed to the limit of their conscious mind and physical bodies. But there is a place of rest for these children, too!

Some of us are attacked with insominia. Night after night we lay awake, unable to quieten our minds. Some are attacked with worry and fear. Some are so exhausted they cannot sleep.

Children cry in the night as their sleep is disrupted and they seek comfort.

Tonight, Father, pour your rest over Durango. Let our children sleep in peace. Let our minds rest. Let our bodies rest as your Holy Spirit envelopes us in His gentle arms.

To sleep, perchance to dream. To awake refreshed and regifted! Lord, be our rest tonight!

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