Friday, January 2, 2009

Sentimental Holidays

I love Traditions. And dishes. And decorations.

And this holiday I was more sentimental about both.

Growing up, my Grandma Roork had a cut-glass jelly dish that sat in a silver holder and held a tiny little serving spoon. I loved that dish. It usually had cranberry jelly in it. Dinner was almost ready when the dish made it to the table. This dish meant family gathered on Christmas Eve - and then friends and family and whoever else happened by (usually most of Chouteau, Oklahoma!) on Christmas Day. My grandparent's door was always open. I think we ate most of the day!

There was also a green Christmas Tree candy dish. I think my Aunt Sharon made it one year. It usually held cholocate creams. The kind that churches used to put in their candy and fruit sacks. To me it meant Happy Holidays.

And then there are the three choir boys. Little ceramic statues. Dressed in white choir robes with red ribbons. Two hold handles while the other holds music. My Grandma had them. Then my mom. Now I put them out every year. They mean the sounds of Christmas - it's music and laughter.

And lastly, the ceramic Santa boot of my Grandfather's. It usually held candy canes - and still does.

These items mean Forever. Traditions. Some traditions I will pass to my children. They will take them, modifiy them, embellish them and ultimately create their own with their families and their children. But one Tradition will always stay - Love.

That's what these baubles mean. They remind me of the love behind each tradition.

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