Saturday, January 17, 2009

Satisfying Saturday

It's over. I finished my first Conference. (First? is that prophetic?) I can see many things I should do better and improve; reword, adjust, change. But I also saw people's eyes as God began to touch their hearts and they realized, "God has a plan for me! He truly does!"

Thanks for those who attended and those who prayed. Great things will be born from today.

Thanks to the church staff who believed in me. Giving someone a microphone is always a dangerous thing!

Mostly, thank you Father for the dreams in my heart. For my passion for families. For my love for my own family. Thanks for the ability to community. Lord, give me yor eyes so I can see the potential in each vessel. Lord let me see the precious in each package. Thank you Father. I love you Lord. You have saved my soul; you have rescued my heart. I am so grateful. I am so in awe of your goodness.

Now as exhaustion sits in - a good exhaustion - I will rest in you. Heal my sis's cold. Keep Chris safe on the soccer field. Strengthen David as he guides our family. Give my friends peace and rest today.

Thank you Father.


  1. You are a blessing Kim and you and your family are very dear to us.

  2. You did great. It was a pleasure to be there for your first conference!

  3. Sorry I missed it - but I was praying for you and Matt said it was good.

  4. It was great - your insights are, as always, challenging & refreshing!