Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Wow! I haven't written a Thankful Thursday in a long while! First it was Christmas, then New Year's then back to work and now. . . here we are!

I am up to Ashley on my Thankful list. And although there's so much to be thankful today after the fire (, I want give my daughter her day.

So, dear Ashley, I am thankful for. . .

* Your birth. We had not planned for you - you were a total surprise! I'm so glad you are here!

* Your smile. I loved your first smile - both of them (pre and post stroke!)

* Your tender heart. Youcare so deeply for people.

* Your heart for God. He loves you, too!

* Your athletic ability - skiing, running, four-wheeling! Wow! You are amazing, sis.

* Your love for your brother.

* Your ability to make me smile.

* Your toughness - you are the Girliest Tom-Boy! Precious in Pink on a Quad! And
able to face surgeries, medications, pain meds and therapies with a smile.

* The way you scrunch your nose when you smile. Too cute!

* That you don't blame me for your stroke.

* That you don't blame God either.

* That you are able to see how God redeems your pain and problems to help others.

Sis - I love you. (I like that you like your nickname, too!)

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