Tuesday, December 23, 2008

With Thanks to Chris and Kayle

Before Chris and Kayle, some of our adopted kids, left for Christmas, they gave our kids gifts. Ashley a baby bear - of course! And Chris an electric helicopter.

To stem he tide of arguement, we had to buy two more - one for Ashley and one for David. Ever try to rest while listening to three tiny helicopters whirl about your house?

Try to cook with them swarming your head! Or, get laundry from downstairs and dodge them on the stairwell!

Thanks, Chris and Kayle. When you have kids, the first gift they get from Aunt Kim? A train whistle!


  1. Hey I know how that is .... Although I am the one giving the fun presents! :) And I am going to be the one paying for it when I have kids of my own. And not just by one person but by many! Oh well it is fun while it lasts! :) Merry Christmas Beach Family

  2. Laughed out loud at the visual I had of helicopters swarming your head. What fun! And no they obviously do not have children :) I support you on the train whistle idea. I can't wait till my siblings and in-laws have kids. It's pay back time!

  3. I'm with you too! I can't wait until certain people have children - noisy toys will fill their home!