Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Pleasure

In the past 24 hours, I have had the pleasure to love on 4 beautiful children. E and E from Ug*nd* and L and S whose daddy is from Ghana. Sometimes I grieve over the children I have lost and those that I was not able to have. I am so blessed with two wonderful children and I am so thankful for the heart for children that they have. Holding these 4 babies this past day has allowed me to realize how much a heart can love. I pray for them and their families. For these chosen children. For our Chosen children.

Father, let us care for those who have no voice as if they were birthed from my own bodies. Let our heart love them as if we ourselves conceived them. They are your gifts to this world. They are valuable. They are loved by their Father. Let us be your hands and heart.

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  1. And I am sooooo glad that L and S blessed your heart today :) God knew what you needed, didn't he?? :) Thank you and your husband and your children for loving on my two precious girls today!!