Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for my husband, David.

1. His smile - it makes my heart stop!
2. His wink - yes, he still flirts with me!
3. His hands - they are strong; they have callouses from working around the house; they they are tender to wipe tears; they are able to change diapers; they can help with piano lessons; they can do dishes (very manly!); they can cook (mmm! Muffins!); they can hold my hand
4. His mind - he is a thinker; a planner
5. His heart - it has been broken and mended; it listens to God
6. His prayers - I know the children and I are on his lips as he petitions the throne of God for us

Father God: thank you for the gift of my husband. He is all I have listed and more. He is the head of our house and I gain joy in deferring to him as our shepherd. Bless him in all that he does today. Order his steps. Set his mind at peace. Give him wisdom for the tasks you have laid before him. Let his sleep be peaceful and restorative. Let his faith grow as he sees the work for Your hand.


  1. He sounds like an amazing guy. What a blessing. Love you!

  2. You know it helps that he likes OU football too :) He is an example for guys like me. You are blessed!